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  • Treasury Building

    The Treasury Department has received $936.1 million in the sale of warrants it had received from JPMorgan Chase as part of the support it provided the bank during last year's financial crisis.

  • Wealth In America Report

    Americans remain pessimistic about the economy and have little trust in Washington's economic leadership— despite $1.5 trillion in federal spending on stimulus and bailouts, a new CNBC "Wealth in America Report" finds.

  • barock_300.jpg

    Last year it was the Chia Obama craze. This year, it's Prez BaRock, a new take on the old pet rock--one of the most disturbing and unfathomable must-have gifts of the 1970s.

  • President Barack Obama

    As diplomats might say of a meeting between rivals that is just short of undiplomatic, President Obama and Congressional Republican leaders had a full and frank discussion at the White House on Wednesday when they met to discuss how to create more jobs. The 90-minute session, while described by both sides as cordial over all, was a bit testy at times.

  • Winterizing Your Portfolio - A CNBC Special Report

    Stocks rebounded Wednesday, as a weaker U.S. dollar gave a boost to commodities, sending materials stocks higher.

  • Will they or won't they? Citigroup Chairman Richard Parsons told CNBC's Scott Cohn that they were in negotiations with regulators on how to proceed with the repayment of $20 billion in TARP money owed to the government; our Maria Bartiromo also said that CEO Vikram Pandit has changed his travel plans to complete the deal.

  • President Obama, Allentown, PA

    President Barack Obama spent his first 11 months in the White House hammering on the wrong problems—reforming healthcare and capping carbon emissions—instead of the right one: unemployment.

  • Barack Obama

    In NRO’s coverage of Obama’s jobs speech at the Brookings Institution yesterday, I have yet to see any mention of supply-side tax cuts.

  • Stethescope and money

    If this morning's reporting is accurate, one germ of a good idea has found its way into the health care debate under way in Congress: the creation of national health insurance policies administered by private companies -- and, presumably, available across state lines.

  • Winterizing Your Portfolio - A CNBC Special Report

    Stocks opened flat to slightly lower Wednesday as concerns mounted over the global economy and the US dollar continued to assert itself as a popular safety play.

  • Despite continuing worries about markets in Dubai and Greece (down another 6 percent and 2 percent respectively today) the dollar is weaker this morning, and that is helping stocks and commodities. The Japanese revised their GDP dramatically lower, which some argue will keep rates low for the foreseeable future, thus helping the short dollar trade.

  • Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA), chairman of the House Financial Services Committee (L), talks with Elizabeth Warren, Chair of the TARP Congressional Oversight Panel

    The head of the watchdog panel for TARP told CNBC that the bailout fund is not intended for job-creation program.

  • Winterizing Your Portfolio - A CNBC Special Report

    Stock index futures indicated a more even-keeled market Wednesday, though debt concerns regarding Dubai and elsewhere remain prominent in the minds of investors.

  • Financial Crisis

    The government's $700 billion bailout of the financial system helped prevent an all-out panic last fall but hasn't met many of the targets Congress set out, a watchdog panel says.

  • Tonight, President Obama gives a speech on battling the public anger over 10% unemployment and steps to be taken to boost employment. He will attempt to "progress" in a similar way, but will not be offering anything as aggressive as FDR did between 1932-1935.

  • The Carbon Challenge

    President Obama will be at the Copenhagen environmental conference that starts shortly. But his plans changed for him to appear towards the end of the event as opposed to the beginning.

  • Stethescope and money

    Starting an eighth day of health care debate Monday, the top Senate Democrat said lawmakers are approaching the end game on the far-reaching legislation and fully expect to prevail. A vote on the divisive abortion issue was expected later in the day.

  • Factory Emissions

    Look for President Obama to sign climate change legislation into law in April, a barrage of carbon footprint commercials on TV, a sustainability label from Walmart and the election of green governors.

  • now_hiring_classified.jpg

    The Obama administration will lose $200 billion less than expected from the federal bailout program and is looking at using part of the savings to fund new job creation efforts.

  • Unemployment

    Even as he trumpeted a slowdown in the nation's job losses Friday, President Barack Obama put finishing touches on a proposal he'll unveil next week to "jump-start" business hiring across America.