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  • The contrast between the president's speech today at the GM plant in Lordstown, Ohio, and his speech yesterday on Wall Street could not have been more glaring.

  • Meredith Whitney

    The economy faces a big test next month when the government starts winding down its massive support programs, banking analyst Meredith Whitney told CNBC.

  • S&P 500 futures popped about 4 points as retail sales, including sales ex-auto, were both stronger than expected. The Empire Manufacturing index was also stronger than expected. Producer Price Index was a bit higher than expected but inflation is not a big worry at the moment.

  • Cramer can’t understand why the president sounded so downbeat on Monday, especially when there were plenty of reasons to feel positive.

  • President Barack Obama interviewed by CNBC's John Harwood

    Oversight of the financial system is going to be much more rigorous and will include steps such as higher capital requirements for large institutions, which are so deeply interconnected that the failure of one could bring about a failure of the entire financial system, President Barack Obama told CNBC Monday.

  • The Street is awash with chatter about a potential trade war following a White House tariff on tires imported from China.

  • Stocks moved into positive territory Monday afternoon as tech, bank and drug stocks gained and volatility waned.

  • President Barack Obama warned Wall Street against returning to reckless and unchecked behavior in his speech on Monday. Art Cashin, director of floor operations at UBS Financial Services, offered CNBC his insights on the speech.

  • Sprint - Together with Nextel

    One of these days it’s plausible to believe that the ailing wireless giant Sprint will be put out of its misery with the receipt of a viable takeover offer. But don’t count on that being anytime soon.

  • Plus, Lehman Brothers one year later -- Cramer gives you the biggest takeaway.

  • Stocks pared their losses Monday as President Obama's speech on financial reform had little impact on the market.

  • The President's speech on financial reform across the street from the New York Stock Exchange elicited little interest from the trading community, as important as it was.

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    The Obama administration's plan to make it easier to wind down a big financial firm that gets into trouble is not clear and must exclude the use of taxpayer money, a top Federal Reserve official said Monday.

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    They're really unanswerable questions, but they seem to be on everyone's minds this morning as we review the financial crisis that struck with such ferocity a year ago: Should the government have saved Lehman Brothers? What would have happened if it did?

  • Barney Frank

    Congress will enact changes in financial regulation that will be "fair" and "pro-market," Rep. Barney Frank, (D-Mass.) told CNBC Monday.

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    When President Obama travels to Wall Street's Federal Hall on Monday,  where the founders once argued bitterly over how much the government should control the national economy, he is likely to cast himself as a “reluctant shareholder” in America’s biggest industries and financial institutions.

  • Stocks declined Monday as investors worried about a trade dispute between the US and China and reflected on the one-year anniversary of the Lehman Brothers collapse.

  • Anyone know why futures are weaker...anyone? Futures are weaker as President Obama's imposition of a 35 percent tariff on auto and light truck tires from China has traders worried about a potential trade war. China has responded by probing the alleged dumping of American auto and chicken products.

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    Nine months into his presidency, Obama is demonstrating neglect - if not outright hostility - to trade expansion.

  • Investors were in a reflective mood Monday as the anniversary of the collapse of Wall Street titan Lehman Brothers brought back memories of the financial crisis and raised fresh doubts over the recovery.