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Ben Fuchs

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Ben Fuchs is a staff writer with Prior to moving to New York, he worked as deputy press secretary to a California assemblyman and as a reporter for several West Coast newspapers, including the San Diego Union-Tribune. He holds a B.A. from the University of Oregon’s School of Journalism and Communication.


  • Dov Charney founder and CEO of American Apparel
    By: Ben Fuchs

    No, this isn’t another superlative-laden faux-business piece re-affirming Dov Charney’s status as Hipster Magnate Ad Infinitum. That’s been done. And done, and done. But I do plan to extol the successes of the polarizing American Apparel founder and his monochromatic empire—not for his V-necked influence on the Grizzly Bear crowd, but for his ability to craft a business that uses risk to its advantage as well as any in recent memory.

  • Van Jones
    By: Ben Fuchs

    Earlier this month, Obama environmental jobs advisor Van Jones resigned amid growing furor over his signing of a 9/11 conspiracy petition in examination of the rest of Jones’ career provides a case study in the rewards and pitfalls inherent to leadership risk.

  • General Motors
    By: Ben Fuchs

    In the past, we’ve urged executives to understand and avoid the blunders committed by multiple generations of American automaker execs ... What we haven’t highlighted—but which should be intuitive—is that a much larger class of professionals is studying precisely the same thing.

  • Downsizing
    By: Ben Fuchs

    I generally dismiss the relevance of tired adages, but there’s a timely truth to the saying that it’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks. In days like these, however, a little reinvention is key to survival.

  • vault_logo_2.jpg
    By: Ben Fuchs

    The results of Election Day served as a warning from your twentysomething employees and future recruits; America’s educated young—that they are increasingly cognizant of, and proactive about—the urgent need to address global warming.