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  • President Barack Obama speaks about the framework agreement on Iran's nuclear program announced by negotiators in Switzerland during a statement in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington April 2, 2015.

    The agreed framework for a nuclear deal with Iran would make the world a safer place if implemented, President Barack Obama said.

  • Inside the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange

    The most recent leg up for the Israeli markets, and leg down for regional competitors, came after Benjamin Netanyahu's election victory.

  • Netanyahu: World must demand better Iran deal

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issues another warning on the potential Iran nuclear deal, saying that the international community must now demand a better outcome.

  • Iran talks: Is Obama being 'too soft'?

    Howard Shore, executive chairman at Shore Capital, says he fears that there will be too much of a compromise, and that President Barack Obama is being "too soft" on Iran.

  • Iran deal: Congress eyes Netanyahu

    Ben White, chief economic correspondent at Politico, discusses a possible Iran nuclear deal, and talks about the possibility of sanctions relief.

  • Iran needs this nuclear deal: Gamble

    If a deal does come together between Iran and the U.S., what kind of pushback will the White House receive? CNBC's Hadley Gamble discusses.

  • How Iran's nuclear deal may impact oil

    Discussing Iran's potential nuclear deal, Katherine Spector, head of commodities strategy at CIBC World Markets, talks about the impact it could have on oil markets.

  • Iran deal: All signs look positive for go-ahead

    Iran's nuclear deal deadline is getting closer. Apostolos Bantis, credit analyst at Commerzbank, talks about the deal and its benefits, saying all signs look positive towards a deal, despite conflicting information leaks.

  • Chuck Todd: Netanyahu vs. Obama

    Discussing the growing rift between President Obama and newly re-elected Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, with "Meet the Press" moderator Chuck Todd.

  • International hot spots in the limelight

    Ian Bremmer, Eurasia Group president, shares perspective on the top headlines in global news this week, including an attempt to forge a new deal with Iran on its nuclear program, and Benjamin Netanyahu's political victory.

  • Iran talks fuel Israeli tensions

    After Israel re-elects President Benjamin Netanyahu, tensions have risen between Israel and the U.S. CNBC's Hadley Gamble reports the latest.

  • Refaeli hopes for change with Israel

    Supermodel, Bar Refaeli says she hopes for a change in Israel following the Likud victory in yesterday's elections.

  • Netanyahu's Likud claims victory

    NBC's Hadley Gamble reports Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has won another term in office but deep wounds linger after the bitter race.

  • Netanyahu likely to get a new term: DCIA

    Christian Whiton, principal at DC International Advisory (DCIA), discusses the stiff competition in Israel's election and explains what a new term for the incumbent prime minister means for the country.

  • A ultra-Orthodox Jewish man stands behind a voting booth at a polling station in Jerusalem March 17, 2015.

    As Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu fights for reelection, here's what you need to know — from candidates to coalitions, reports NBC News.

  • CNBC update: Sotheby's and eBay team up

    Israelis are going to the polls to decide the political fate of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Apple is reportedly in talks with programmers to offer a small bundle of TV networks, and Sotheby's is teaming with eBay, reports CNBC's Sue Herera.

  • Election day in Israel

    Dan Senor, Foreign Policy Initiative, weighs in on the close election in Israel as PM Benjamin Netanyahu fights to remain the country's leader.

  • Polls show close election in Israel

    NBC's Tracie Potts reports the latest developments on the elections in Israel.

  • Netanyahu's warning to Congress

    Dan Senor, Foreign Policy Initiative, shares his thoughts on Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu's warning about a proposed agreement between world powers and Iran.

  • What the Iran deal means for Obama

    Ben White, chief economic correspondent at Politico, says that if a deal is reached with Iran, President Barack Obama should expect "a big political fight" in Washington.