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  • The Senate voted 96-0 to hold Backpage in civil contempt after it did not comply with a subpoena to hand over documents explaining how it combats sex trafficking in ads on the adult section of its website. The move will allow Senate lawyers to bring a lawsuit in federal district court to force compliance with the subpoena and could set up a battle over free speech.

  • Ted Cruz and Donald Trump

    The GOP hates Trump, but by spurning the No.2 candidate, it's doubling down on its war on voters, say two Republican strategists.

  • Richard Fisher

    The anti-free ideas by Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders would hurt the economy, says Richard Fisher, ex-Dallas Fed president and former Bill Clinton trade official.

  • Elephants fighting

    In the GOP's civil war, these Republican strategists see no choice but to align with the "Trumpistas."

  • Petition calling for Bill Clinton arrest

    About 80-thousand people have signed a petition calling for the arrest and prosecution of former President Bill Clinton.

  • President Bill Clinton greets people inside the Newton Free Library, a polling place, in Newton, Mass., during Massachusetts primary voting on March 1, 2016.

    A petition calling for the arrest and prosecution of former President Bill Clinton alleges he violated Massachusetts election laws.

  • Democratic presidential candidate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

    Here are three names that Hillary Clinton might choose as her running mate in the Democratic presidential race.

  • Feb 24- Investment bank Lazard Ltd has hired former White House official Peter Orszag to help advise companies on mergers. Prior to joining Wall Street, Orszag served as a budget director in the Obama administration. He was also a distinguished visiting fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations.

  • NEW YORK, Feb 19- Hillary Clinton continued to resist calls to release her transcripts of paid speeches she gave to Goldman Sachs and other banks, saying she would hold onto them until Bernie Sanders and other rivals for the U.S. presidency released theirs. Sanders, her populist rival for the Democratic presidential nomination who has surged in polls with his...

  • *Stern in Brussels for talks with European Commission. BRUSSELS, Feb 16- The United States will sign the Paris Agreement on climate change this year regardless of the Supreme Court's decision to put a chunk of President Barack Obama's environmental action on hold, the U.S. climate envoy said on Tuesday. Todd Stern also said that Obama's successor, even if it is a...

  • LOS ANGELES, Feb 11- Breaking a long silence, a politically connected Chinese businessman living in the United States has denied through his attorney that he handed over Chinese state secrets, including launch codes for nuclear weapons, to U.S. authorities. His case has generated intense interest in China and the U.S. because of the access Ling Wancheng's...

  • Ron Burkle, managing partner and founder of Yucaipa Cos., left, and former President Bill Clinton.

    Billionaire Ron Burkle spent years close to the Clinton family, but has yet to lend public support to Hillary Clinton's campaign.

  • Democratic U.S. presidential candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks during the second official 2016 U.S. Democratic presidential candidates debate in Des Moines, Iowa, November 14, 2015.

    Here's why Hillary Clinton hasn't locked in the African-American vote yet, says Notre Dame Professor Darren Davis.

  • Democratic candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.

    The New Hampshire primary may have muddied the Republican waters but it provided clarity for the Democrats, say these two GOP strategists.

  • More momentum expected for Bernie Sanders

    CNBC's John Harwood talks about the slowing momentum of Marco Rubio's campaign and Bill Clinton's comments on Bernie Sanders.

  • Bill Clinton launches attack on Bernie Sanders

    The former President bashes the Democratic presidential candidate at a New Hampshire campaign rally on Sunday.

  • Feb 6- Republican White House contenders on Saturday called for a tough strategy toward North Korea, including expanded missile defense, after the reclusive communist nation appeared to have launched a long-range rocket into space. "They do not understand anything but toughness and strength," New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said of North Korea during the...

  • An oil trader works on the floor of the New York Mercantile Exchange.

    Oil remains fundamentally oversupplied and may not be able to hold above $30 per barrel, Kevin Book says.

  • Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz

    Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio may be Hispanic, but it's becoming clear that they are not winning over Latinos. Here's why, says Mark Macias.

  • Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton and Donald Trump

    Trump is hitting Hillary where it hurts: Bill's sex scandals. How is this crazy war of charged words going to play out?