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  • The fight against Zika

    CNBC's Meg Tirrell looks at the CDC's new study on the link between the virus and microcephaly, and the Gates Foundation's involvement in helping to control mosquito populations.

  • Bill Gates on helping the world's poor

    CNBC's Hadley Gamble interviews Bill Gates, who says his foundation is half way to raising $500 million towards helping the world's poorest Muslims.

  • Bill Gates

    The lack of U.S. citizens named in the Panama Papers has left Microsoft founder Bill Gates a little incredulous.

  • The Toyota 4Runner recently took a 20,000-mile cross-country road trip, stopping along the way to demonstrate its technology to partners, potential partners and universities.

    Kymeta is a Redmond, Washington-based start-up that wants to revolutionize mobile Wi-Fi access, and it has Bill Gates' backing.

  • John Paul Dejoria.

    The host of CNBC's "Follow the Leader" reveals five secrets to success she learned from John Paul DeJoria.

  • Zika shouldn't have caught us by surprise, writes Dr. Claire Pomeroy. Here's what needs to be done to prevent the next killer virus.

  • A tweet showing Bill Gates dabbing with students.

    Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates made the rounds on Twitter Tuesday after he shared a photo of himself performing a popular dance move.

  • SAN FRANCISCO, March 10- Fifteen years after calling the open-source operating system Linux a "cancer," former Microsoft Corp Chief Executive Steve Ballmer has softened his position. Speaking on Wednesday night at a dinner hosted by Fortune magazine, Ballmer said the position was right for the time, but the threat from Linux was now "in the rearview mirror."

  • Mark Zuckerberg

    Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is the biggest gainer in Forbes' 2016 billionaires list of the world's richest people.

  • WASHINGTON, March 2- A wing of the U.S. Department of Energy focused on breakthrough technologies may soon give billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk's most recent foray into energy storage a run for its money, the unit's director said. Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy, or ARPA-E, which funds projects meant to transform energy markets, has made huge...

  • Microsoft to back Apple: Swisher

    Re/code's Kara Swisher and the Squawk Alley team discuss Apple and other tech companies' stances on complying with government investigations.

  • CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla., Feb 24- Venture capital groups invested $1.8 billion in commercial space startups in 2015, more than in the last 15 years combined, a report by aerospace consultants the Tauri Group shows. The investors include Microsoft Corp's Bill Gates, Inc's Jeff Bezos, Alphabet Inc's Larry Page, Dish Network Corp's Charles Ergen, Microsoft...

  • The tug and pull between privacy and security

    Discussing Bill Gates weighing in on the Apple/FBI stand-off is AOL Ventures co-founder Jon Brod.

  • Bill Gates

    Microsoft founder Bill Gates says Apple should cooperate with law enforcement authorities in the San Bernardino investigation.

  • Bill Gates backs FBI on iPhone hack

    CNBC's Morgan Brennan and Editor-in-Chief Dan Costa discuss Bill Gates' stance that tech firms should comply with law enforcement investigations.

  • Bill Gates sides with FBI in iPhone hack request

    The Microsoft founder says technology firms should work with law enforcement authorities.

  • Mobile's next frontier includes 360 video

    CNBC's Jon Fortt provides highlights of this year's hot topics at the Mobile World Congress, including virtual reality and connected cars. Also Fortt shares what he is hearing about Bill Gates backing the FBI's iPhone hacking request.

  • Bill Gates backs FBI hack request

    Billionaire Bill Gates breaks ranks with Silicon Valley in the fight between Apple and the FBI over encryption.

  • GENEVA, Feb 8- When executive board members of the World Health Organization sat down for their annual meeting in Geneva in January, many powerful figures spoke forcefully of the need to reform the leading global authority on health and disease. "It's time to stop talking," Stewart Jessamine, New Zealand's director of public health and a WHO executive board member,...

  • A U.S. Border Patrol officer body searches an undocumented immigrant after he illegally crossed the U.S.-Mexico border and was caught on December 7, 2015 near Rio Grande City, Texas.

    Iowa's electorate may be the first litmus test of American voters — but is it far from representative when it comes to immigration issues?