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  • Dec 21- "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" may rake in $528 million in worldwide ticket sales over the weekend, Walt Disney Co Chief Executive Bob Iger said on Bloomberg TV. That would beat the record opening weekend sales of $525 million that dinosaur film " Jurassic World" garnered earlier this year in its worldwide release, including in China. The first "Star Wars" film in a...


  • The first "Star Wars" film in a decade recorded the biggest domestic opening in Hollywood's history, collecting $238 million over the weekend in the United States and Canada. The film's financial and critical success mark a victory for Disney Chief Executive Bob Iger's strategy of acquiring proven brands, including Pixar Animation and comic book powerhouse...

  • LOS ANGELES, Dec 20- "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" shattered the domestic box office record with an estimated $238 million in U.S. and Canadian ticket sales through Sunday, a staggering debut that re-established the celebrated space saga as a global phenomenon under Walt Disney Co.. The first "Star Wars" film in a decade took in a total of $517 million at box offices...

  • 'Star Wars' open breaks record with $57M in previews

    CNBC's Julia Boorstin reports the initial sales numbers for the much anticipated "Star Wars" release.

  • How big will 'Star Wars' be?

    CNBC's Julia Boorstin reports "Star Wars" sold more than $100 million in ticket pre-sales as of Tuesday prompting bullish analyst reports.

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    CNBC's Robert Frank reports on rare "Star Wars" toys at the Sotheby's auction.

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    CNBC's Julia Boorstin reports "Star Wars" screenings have been going all night, and ticket sales set a record on Fandango.

  • Disney's stock boosted by Star Wars films

    Bob Iger, Disney Chairman & CEO, speaks on expectations he has for the new Star Wars film. CNBC's Dom Chu takes closer look at the stock.

  • Bob Iger, chairman and CEO of The Walt Disney Company.

    Disney Chairman and CEO Bob Iger will work with the city of Carson on the potential construction of a new Los Angeles NFL stadium.

  • CNBC update: $28M pink diamond

    A pink diamond was bought for $28 million at a Christie's auction, and the San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders have agreed to have Disney's Bob Iger become chairman of their bid to build a stadium, reports CNBC's Sue Herera.

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    CNBC's Jim Cramer weighs in on Disney's quarterly results and where he sees growth drivers in the company.

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    Rich Greenfield, BTIG, weighs in on the future of television and improving the viewer experience on mobile.

  • Disney posts 'balanced' quarter: Analyst

    Anthony DiClemente, Nomura analyst, breaks down Disney's quarterly results. Sports continues to see very strong pricing, says DiClemente.

  • Walt Disney World Tokyo

    Walt Disney posted a 9 percent increase in overall sales and stronger operating income in its networks segment.

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    As Disney's Bob Iger celebrates 10 years, Michael Morris, entertainment & media analyst at Guggenheim, discusses the CEO's incredible achievements.

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    A look back at some of the most memorable guests to appear on "Squawk Box" in honor of the show's birthday.

  • "Fast Money" traders discussed how to play Disney and Netflix.

  • "Game of Thrones"

    As global markets reel from a brutal selloff and a subsequent rally, the cable and media industry has been battling a home-grown rout of its own.

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    Rich Greenfield, BTIG media analyst, explains why Disney is not safe from cord-cutting, and the biggest challenges for niche basic cable networks.