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  • NFIB Outlook & BAC Update    Monday, 12 Sep 2011 | 1:16 PM ET

    CNBC's Steve Liesman breaks down the numbers on the latest NFIB index, and a look at how CEO Brian Moynihan plans to stabilize Bank of America, with CNBC's Mary Thompson.

  • A Bank of America trader inside the NYSE.

    Bank of America's CEO Brian Moynihan once again laid out his company's plan to meet regulatory capital requirements and denied that the company will have to issue new stock to raise capital. The bank can meet its requirements simply by retaining profits.

  • Brian Moynihan Just Got a Horrible New Nickname Friday, 9 Sep 2011 | 10:13 AM ET

    When Brian Moynihan took over Bank of America in 2010, Ken Lewis said that his nickname for the now-CEO was, "Tazmanian Devil."

  • Brian Moynihan

    If you dropped in on any of the usual Wall Street watering holes or eateries last night, you would have almost surely heard guys with well-pressed open collared shirts talking about Tom Montag.

  • Waiting for a New Blueprint From Bank of America Thursday, 8 Sep 2011 | 5:23 AM ET
    Brian Moynihan

    Brian T. Moynihan takes the stage at a Midtown Manhattan hotel on Monday to tell investors what is in store for Bank of America, but already the chief executive’s plans are generating the kind of buzz reserved for the opening of a Broadway show down the street. The NY Times reports.

  • The Bank of America CEO had protested the financial institution didn't need to raise capital, but then strikes a $5 billion deal with Warren Buffett a few weeks later, much to the ire of the "Fast Money" traders.

  • Bank of America's Next Move Tuesday, 23 Aug 2011 | 10:04 AM ET
    Bank of America's Next Move

    Since CEO Brian Moynihan took the title as CEO at the start of 2010, the stock is down more than 50 percent. Insight with Jonathan Finger, BofA shareholder.

  • Bank of America's Capital Perception Problem Thursday, 11 Aug 2011 | 1:02 PM ET
    A Bank of America trader inside the NYSE.

    Bank of America may not understand its capital problem, at least from an investor viewpoint.

  • BofA Conference Call Does Little to Reassure Investors Wednesday, 10 Aug 2011 | 1:58 PM ET
    Brian Moynihan

    Bank of America shares finished down more than 10 percent as an afternoon conference call by CEO Brian Moynihan did little to reassure jittery investors.

  • Moynihan One-on-One: Part 2 Tuesday, 9 Aug 2011 | 4:24 PM ET
    Moynihan One-on-One: Part 2

    Brian Moynihan, Bank of America CEO gives his perspective on credit default swaps; capitalization and regulations, and today's Fed announcement and the economy.

  • Moynihan One-on One: Part 1 Tuesday, 9 Aug 2011 | 4:14 PM ET
    Moynihan One-on One: Part 1

    Brian Moynihan, Bank of America CEO outlines his turnaround strategy for the financial giant and discusses whether the company needs to raise more capital as it deals wtih mortgage-related lawsuits.

  • Can Moynihan Reverse BofA Slide? Tuesday, 9 Aug 2011 | 12:00 PM ET
    Can Moynihan Reverse BofA Slide?

    Discussing who's in charge at Bank of America; the CEO or the markets, with CNBC's Kate Kelly, and perspective on what's ailing the banking sector, with Daniel Alpert, Westwood Capital.

  • Brian Moynihan

    Despite uncertainties over housing prices and unemployment, the U.S. economy is "moving forward," Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan told CNBC Friday.

  • Mortgages Still Cloud Bank of America Outlook: CEO Wednesday, 1 Jun 2011 | 1:25 PM ET
    Brian Moynihan

    After 18 months at the helm of the nation's largest bank by assets, Bank of America Chief Executive Brian Moynihan said mortgages continue to cloud the bank’s outlook.