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  • The Deed | "Sold Them a Dream": Real estate mogul Sidney Torres rescues a struggling flipper whose ambitious and costly neighborhood development has her struggling to keep her head above water. The Deed Series Premiere March 1 | Wednesday 10P ET/PT

  • HANOI, Feb 22- Vietnam on Wednesday named for the first time 11 government, provincial and industry officials as being responsible for one of its worst environmental disasters, caused by a unit of Taiwan conglomerate Formosa Plastics. The Communist Party Inspection Commission's announcement, carried by the government news website, is the first time Vietnam...

  • CNBC Update: 6 killed in Pakistan suicide bombing

    CNBC's Contessa Brewer reports the latest headlines including 6 people killed during suicide bombing attacks in Pakistan.

  • Next on | American Greed: Clean Teeth, Dirty Money | Comic Book Murder

    A sex-trafficking ring comprised of violent pimps who exploit women enlists a Chicago dentist to launder their money. Then, a plot to steal a valuable comic book collection ends in murder. All-new American Greed Mondays 10P ET/PT

  • A Presentation Disaster

    After tasking a team of interior designers to come up with a plan for his new luxury patisserie space, Tilman Fertitta is disappointed when they present an off-brand name and design. All-new Billion Dollar Buyer Tuesdays 10P ET/PT

  • 'Show Me Something or I'm Outta Here'

    When Tilman Fertitta asks for examples of past work, these designers have no portfolio to show. All-new Billion Dollar Buyer Tuesdays 10P ET/PT

  • Next on | Secret Lives of the Super Rich: A $34 Million Miami Mega-Home

    Step inside the world of the super wealthy and see a $34 million Miami mega-home and a hotel suite that is $82,000 per night. All-new Secret Lives of the Super Rich Thursday 10P ET

  • NEW DELHI, Feb 17- India does not expect fallout from the financial meltdown at Toshiba Corp to halt plans to buy six nuclear reactors from the Japanese company's U.S. nuclear unit Westinghouse, a senior government official told Reuters on Friday. India has been in talks to locate half a dozen Westinghouse AP1000 reactors in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh...

  • CNBC Update: Car bomb kills 55, injures 60 in Baghdad neighborhood

    CNBC's Sue Herera reports the latest headlines including a car bomb in Baghdad killing 55 people, injuring 60.

  • CNBC update: Pakistan blast

    CNBC's Sue Herera reports the latest headlines including Pakistani officials saying an ISIS suicide bomber struck a famous shrine in southern Pakistan, killing at least 75 people and injuring 200 more.

  • Next on | Billion Dollar Buyer: I Need Your Vision

    In the season two finale, interior designers compete for the chance to create a patisserie space in Tilman’s luxurious new Post Oak hotel. All-new Billion Dollar Buyer Tuesday 10P ET/PT

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    An engineer whose amazing hidden doors are the secret to his success; an Arizona man who turned fake grass into real green; and a disaster repair specialist who hit rock bottom twice before helping others – and himself – build a better life. All-new Blue Collar Millionaires Wednesdays 10P ET

  • The Ultimate Job Opportunity | The Partner

    The Profits Marcus Lemonis is being pulled in every direction after investing in hundreds of successful companies. Now, he needs help. 10 will compete to see who will become, The Partner. The Partner series premiere Tuesday March 7 at 10p ET/PT.

  • HOUSTON, Feb 14 (Reuters)- Storms packing heavy rains, lashing winds and tornadoes hit the Houston metropolitan area on Tuesday, ripping roofs off homes, blowing windows out of frames and leaving tens of thousands of people without power. Two tornadoes were reported to have touched down in Fort Bend County, about 30 miles (50 kms) southwest of Houston, causing damage...

  • Sidney Torres, real estate magnate and host of CNBC's new reality show, "The Deed," comes to the rescue of struggling house flippers. With Sidney's expert advice and financial backing, help is just one deal away. The Deed series premiere March 1 | Wed 10P ET/PT

  • Billion Dollar Buyer | "My Guests Are Number One": Tilman turns to Evolving Kneads, a gluten-free bakery, to cater to his customers’ changing tastes. Will he see value in their innovative ideas or will these entrepreneurs struggle to impress? All-new Tuesdays 10P ET/PT

  • The Partner | Who Will It Be?

    The Profits Marcus Lemonis needs a partner. Ownership stake in his empire, plus a half-million dollar salary is on the line. Who will succeed? Who will fail? Who will it be? The Partner series premiere March 7 | Tues 10P ET/PT.

  • Secret Lives of the Super Rich | Rock Star's Miami Mansion & Billionaire's Custom Train: Step inside the world of the super wealthy to see the Patron tequila founder's fully restored, 1920s rail car and a $28 million New York City home. All-new Thursdays 10P ET/PT

  • Next on | The New Celebrity Apprentice:

    The celebrities are tasked with creating an energetic fan experience during a timeout for the LA Clippers. In the second hour they must outsell each other in a live QVC presentation for a piece of workout gear on Muscle Beach. The New Celebrity Apprentice Sunday 7P ET

  • Next on | Blue Collar Millionaires:

    A salesman who came out of retirement to build a multi-million dollar tire empire; a second-generation builder who overcame a family tragedy and created a financial triumph; and two best friends who turned a dusty old printer into a nine-figure cash machine. All-new Blue Collar Millionaires Wednesday 10P ET/PT