Business Strategy CEOs


  • Breaking down the bitcoin vehicle

    Rik Willard, MintCombine CEO, discusses his bitcoin philosophy and how banks are beginning to educate themselves on the bitcoin "platform."

  • Santelli Exchange: The velocity of money

    CNBC's Rick Santelli and Michael Moebs, Moebs Services economist & CEO, discuss how the Federal Reserve has loosened the money supply and its effect on the economy.

  • Buffalo Wild Wings bracket boost

    Sally Smith, Buffalo Wild Wings president and CEO, discusses the big business her company gains from March Madness and their use of tablets at the table.

  • Banking in the cloud with Q2

    Matt Flake, Q2 Holdings CEO, explains how his cloud-based banking platform allows community banks to compete with the big banks online.

  • 'Game of Thrones' beer

    Simon Thorpe, CEO of upstate New York-based Brewery Ommegang, talks about the themed beer crafted in a collaboration with the popular HBO series.

  • Brewing profits with high-end beer: CEO

    Simon Thorpe, Brewery Ommegang CEO, discusses his company's collaboration with HBO's "Game of Thrones," and shares his thoughts about how social media is impacting the craft brew business.

  • Premier, providing ethical health care: Survey

    Susan Devore, Premier president & CEO, discusses how her company is working to provide an ethical workplace. One of the processes we have made available at Premier is an anonymous hot line for employees, says Devore.

  • Tone at top sets stage for ethics: Realogy CEO

    Ethical people attract ethical people, says Richard Smith, Realogy CEO, sharing his thoughts on how his company promotes ethics in the workplace.

  • Eurazeo invests in Desigual: CEO

    Patrick Sayer, CEO of Eurazeo, says the group is investing 285 million euros in Desigual because of its potential to grow outside Europe and the U.S., notably in South America and Asia.

  • Autodesk CEO: Transforming products to the cloud

    Carl Bass, Autodesk CEO, discusses the transformation of software and the scope of his company's design creations which range from the movie Avatar to biological printing. "We're transforming all our products from desktop to cloud products," Bass says.

  • Peter Schiff: Fed adds to structural problems

    "We're not doing real legitimate capital investment," says Peter Schiff, Euro Pacific Capital CEO, discussing the economic growth problems facing the Federal Reserve.

  • Combating the banking misconception

    "Across the board this is the most trusted financial system in the world," says Thomas Donohue, U.S. Chamber of Commerce CEO & president, discussing the U.S. financial system and why he believes there is a misconception that capital markets are a burden.

  • Starbucks to enter mobile payment business: CEO

    CNBC's Jim Cramer talks with Howard Schultz, founder, chairman, president and CEO of Starbucks, about how his company plans to remain relevant as consumers become more tech savvy.

  • EU held hostage by Russia's nat gas: Hamm

    Harold Hamm, Continental Resources chairman & CEO, discusses Europe's energy dependence on Russia's natural gas supplies and the call for Congress to ease restrictions on U.S. exports.

  • Self-made billionaire's quest for value

    I'm doing more building than buying these days, says Lynn Tilton, Patriarch Partners CEO sharing insight on where she is building value across companies. Also Tilton weighs in on the growing cost of health care and the problem with the "permanently unemployed."

  • Russia 'hard place' for PE: Blackstone CEO

    Steve Schwarzman, Blackstone Group CEO, shares his thoughts on investing in Russia. We've looked but we haven't found anything at this point, says Schwarzman.

  • Housings big pop is out: Blackstone CEO

    Steve Schwarzman, Blackstone Group CEO, shares his thoughts on the housing sector and explains why he is cashing in on profits now. For us an exposure in the $7-$8 billion range is big enough.

  • Diagnosing the Affordable Care Act: CEO

    We expected to see some lumps and bumps in the rollout, says George Barrett, Cardinal Health CEO, and Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, Yale School of Management, discussing how Obamacare is prompting change within the health care industry.

  • No indication Ukraine crisis will impact Yota: CEO

    Vlad Martynov, CEO of Russian smartphone maker Yota Devices, says there is "no indication" that the Ukraine crisis will hamper the business.

  • Coffee demand constant, supply dropping

    "Dangerous Grounds" host Todd Carmichael provides insight into why coffee prices are rising.