Business Strategy CEOs

  • Constellation CEO: It's a recession resistant business

    Constellation is the world's largest publically traded wine company with brands across the wine, beer and spirits categories. Rob Sands, Constellation Brands president & CEO, discusses the company's holiday advertising strategy and how they appeal to millennials.

  • Hilton CEO: It's a transformation based on the future

    Christopher Nassetta, Hilton Hotels president & CEO, discusses how he transformed the Hilton's reputation from being a mismanaged company to creating value, and if they will challenge the "Marriott model."

  • Hilton CEO: We are the fastest growing hotel on earth

    Christopher Nassetta, Hilton Hotels president & CEO, discusses Hilton's IPO, global growth and what differentiates Hilton economically from other hotels. "There is a huge amount of value and growth with the real estate we own," Nassetta says.

  • Third time's a charm for Aramark's IPO?

    Eric Foss, Aramark president and CEO, shares his thoughts on the company's NYSE debut and weighs in on where he sees the best prospects for growth.

  • Quirky gifts for the holiday

    Quirky CEO Ben Kaufman explains how his company is able to use crowdsourcing to produce new products, saying the website has things no one has seen before because "they were just invented."

  • Dell CEO: PCs are 'still very essential'

    Michael Dell, Dell chairman & CEO, explains why he thinks the market for laptop and desktop computers remains strong. The demand for PCs is up double-digit, Dell says.

  • Estee Lauder CEO: Attracting the 'traveling consumer'

    William Lauder, The Estee Lauder Companies executive chairman, discusses what retailers are doing to attract the international consumer this holiday season. Consumers are shopping big-time at airports, Lauder points out.

  • Hain Celestial's healthy strategy for 2014

    Irwin Simon, Hain Celestial CEO, explains how his business is poised to take on the New Year, as more consumers look for healthier food options. And Simon reveals how Amazon has become a big customer for Hain.

  • Phones on planes

    Kevin Rogers, AeroMobile CEO, shares his thoughts on why the FCC should change existing regulations and allow passengers access to voice, texting and mobile data in flight.

  • Smarter snacking online

    Anthony Fletcher, Graze CEO, discusses how his startup company is changing the way consumers eat by offering portion-controlled snacks tailored to suit individual tastes.

  • Market would welcome a prudent move: Pro

    CNBC's Scot Wapner and Terry Dolan, Benjamin & Jerold Brokerage CEO, discuss inflation, interest rates and tapering. Dolan says the Fed is over-committed to its non-tapering stance.

  • MasterCard offers unique attributes: Pro

    Despite a big run this year, is MasterCard undervalued? Jason Kupferberg of Jefferies says MasterCard is the best fundamental story in its space. Anton Bayer, CEO of Capital Management, sees high valuation and thinks investors need to be careful.

  • AltaMarea CEO: Gratified to see BofA businesses do well

    AltaMarea Group co-owners Ahmass Fakahany and Michael White, discuss where the banking industry should go from here, and the importance of Wall Street to their business.

  • AltaMarea CEO: Dense markets outside of the US

    AltaMarea Group co-owners Ahmass Fakahany and Michael White, provide insight on their global business strategy, and the most important market outside of the U.S.

  • China's Autohome makes public debut on NYSE

    Autohome CEO James Zhi Qin, discusses his company's IPO, which priced above the expected range and will trade under the symbol "ATHM."

  • Ther will be more women in top jobs on Wall St: HP CEO

    Meg Whitman, CEO of Hewlett Packard, says women have made a lot of progress in getting higher jobs in business but there is still more to do.

  • Desktops are not dead: HP CEO

    Meg Whitman, CEO of Hewlett Packard, says the company is innovating in the consumer and commercial space as it moves ahead with its turnaround strategy.

  • Broadcast TV up overall: CBS CEO

    CBS CEO Leslie Moonves says "it's a good year for broadcast television." He discusses the growth in advertising and sports programming fees.

  • Process of being 'dark' not a good one: CBS CEO

    CBS CEO Leslie Moonves discusses the impact of going dark. "The resolution was very favorable to us, but it still wasn't fun," he says. He also shares his opinions on consolidation among cable distributors.

  • Toll Bros CEO: Housing is long way from bubble

    Has the housing market run too far too fast? Douglas Yearley, Toll Brothers CEO, discusses the state of the housing market and consumers fear that they are buying into another bubble.