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  • Time For Relief Over the US?

    Paul Bloxham, Chief Economist for Australia and New Zealand at HSBC is upbeat about the U.S. economy. He says the fiscal situation has stabilized and the housing cycle has turned a corner.

  • No Recession, but Plenty of Uncertainty: Caterpillar CEO

    Caterpillar uncovered "deliberate, multi-year, coordinated accounting misconduct" at a subsidiary of a Chinese company it acquired last summer, leading it to write off most of the value of the deal and wipe out half a quarter's profits.

  • The glamour, champagne-soaked launches and celebrity clients belie a mounting unease in the world of "super-yachts."

  • Easing bets hit the yen, a rising euro dims the Swiss franc, China's fourth quarter GDP hits the mark, and the British aren't shopping - it's time for your FX Fix.

  • Tempered Backdrop to China's Growth: ING

    Rob Carnell, Chief International Economist at ING, tells CNBC why investors should be cautious about China's fourth quarter growth despite a positive outlook.

  • China Growth Bodes Well for Commodities: Expert

    Warren Gilman, chairman and CEO of CEF Holdings, tells CNBC that China's fourth quarter growth is wind at the back of commodities, setting the trend for 2013.

  • Is The Shanghai Composite On A Bull Run?

    Dhiren Sarin, Chief Technical Strategist, Asia Pacific at Barclays says the Shanghai Composite is one of his favorite trades for 2013 as the market shows some bullish signs. He expects the market to hit the 2,550 - 2,600 level.

  • 7.5%-8% GDP Growth The New Norm for China: Strategist

    Bhaskar Laxminarayan, Chief Investment Officer of Bank Pictet & Cie, Asia says Chinese economy has bottomed out and will grow at around 8% annually over the long term.

  • China Export Data and Transport Stocks

    Jonathan Windham, Head of Regional Industrials Sector at Barclays discusses China's latest export numbers and picks the Chinese transport stocks that he likes.

  • Expect 9% Growth in China for 2013

    Timothy Wong, Managing Director and Regional Head at DBS Group Research analyses the China GDP data.

  • Cautious on China's Growth Rebound

    Stephen Schwartz, Chief Economist for Asia at BBVA Research and Manpreet Gill, Senior Investment Strategist, Standard Chartered discusses their views on the sustainability of China's growth rebound.

  • Rebalancing China

    Yao Wei, China Economist, Societe Generale and Aaron Boesky, Chief Executive Officer, Marco Polo Pure Asset Management discuss how China's growth numbers will impact the economy going forward.

  • China's Leaders Are Pulling the Wrong Levers

    Freya Beamish, Economist, Lombard Street Research expects a rebound in the Chinese economy in Q4. She adds that though, that a recovery that is government-led is unlikely to last.

  • China's New Leaders' Commitment to Reform

    Michael Spence, Professor of Economics, NYU Stern School of Business says reforms in China won't happen overnight but the new leadership team seems committed to restructuring the economy.

  • china-flag---oriental-pearl-tower_200.jpg

    China's economy rebounded towards 8 percent growth in the final quarter of 2012 after seven straight quarters of slowdown, data on Friday should confirm, but an uncertain global outlook means Beijing may need to keep tweaking policy to support growth.

  • China’s rising labor costs will help other South Asian countries gain a foothold in low-end manufacturing, a report from Capital Economics said on Thursday.

  • China GDP Hit 7.8% in Fourth Quarter: Pro

    James Kynge, editor of FT's China Confidential, forecasts Chinese gross domestic product hit 7.8 percent in fourth quarter 2012.

  • Is the Worst Over For China?

    Helen Zhu, Goldman Sachs chief China equity strategist, explains why Goldman is getting more bullish on China.

  • Invest In China Through Hong Kong: Expert

    David Riedel, President & Founder, Riedel Research Group recommends investing in well-run Hong Kong listed mid-cap companies that have exposure to China.

  • What¿s Stopping Capital Flows Into China?

    While China recently introduced new measures to attract more foreign capital into the country, Kingsley Jones, Founder and CIO at Jevons Global says that much of the capital is immobile because investors are not sure where to go.