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  • The Australian dollar's fall after China reported solid GDP growth puzzled currency investors. This strategist thinks the Aussie is poised to rise again, and she has a trading plan.

  • Barack Obama's To-Do List

    Dominic Dyer, executive director at the American European Institute, tells CNBC what will be on President Barack Obama's agenda going into his second term.

  • Luxury Sector to Overcome Blip: Expert

    Allegra Perry, managing director at Cantor Fitzgerald, tells CNBC why the luxury sector will continue to do well despite some worrying short term trends in Asia.

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    China's recovery from its longest slowdown in growth since the global financial crisis is being driven by the two forces posing the biggest risks to the economy's increasingly urgent need to rebalance - investment and property.

  •  China's Commodities Continue to Grow: Pro

    Ric Deverell, global head of FX at Credit Suisse, tells CNBC that it is now very clear that China did not have a hard landing and commodities continue to grow.

  • Luxury goods group Richemont gave a cautious outlook on Monday after slowing wholesale demand for its pricey products pushed sales growth in the last quarter below forecasts.

  • 50% Rise In RMB Index In 2013: Expert

    Kelvin Lau, Senior Economist at Standard Chartered says the recent developments from Beijing towards the offshore market are positive. He believes there will be a 50% rise in Stanchart's RMB Globalization Index in 2013.

  • Stock in 60 Seconds: Vanke

    CNBC's Deirdre Wang Morris takes on the 'Stock in 60 Seconds' challenge and looks at Vanke, which opened at their 10 percent upper limit on Monday after the company announced it will move its B-shares to Hong Kong.

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    Let's hear it for the boys. China's fashion-forward men are snapping up Gucci and Burberry bags, driving a rebound in the luxury market months after a slow down in spending by the world's biggest luxury goods buyers spooked global investors.

  • Eye On Japan

    Chris Probyn, Chief Economist at State Street Global Advisors discusses what needs to be done in Japan in order for the economy to get back on track.

  • Algeria Attack To Lift Oil Prices, But Not By Too Much

    Tom Price, Global Commodity Analyst, UBS says Algeria's gas plant attack is the latest in a series of supply-side shocks to oil, but unconventional supplies could constrain the upside to oil prices.

  • China's GDP Growth to Hit 8.6% in 2013: HSBC

    Paul Bloxham, Chief Economist for Australia and New Zealand at HSBC says the combination of strong pick-up in infrastructure development and continued consumer demand will lift China's growth this year.

  • Time For Relief Over the US?

    Paul Bloxham, Chief Economist for Australia and New Zealand at HSBC is upbeat about the U.S. economy. He says the fiscal situation has stabilized and the housing cycle has turned a corner.

  • No Recession, but Plenty of Uncertainty: Caterpillar CEO

    Caterpillar uncovered "deliberate, multi-year, coordinated accounting misconduct" at a subsidiary of a Chinese company it acquired last summer, leading it to write off most of the value of the deal and wipe out half a quarter's profits.

  • The glamour, champagne-soaked launches and celebrity clients belie a mounting unease in the world of "super-yachts."

  • Easing bets hit the yen, a rising euro dims the Swiss franc, China's fourth quarter GDP hits the mark, and the British aren't shopping - it's time for your FX Fix.

  • Tempered Backdrop to China's Growth: ING

    Rob Carnell, Chief International Economist at ING, tells CNBC why investors should be cautious about China's fourth quarter growth despite a positive outlook.

  • China Growth Bodes Well for Commodities: Expert

    Warren Gilman, chairman and CEO of CEF Holdings, tells CNBC that China's fourth quarter growth is wind at the back of commodities, setting the trend for 2013.

  • Is The Shanghai Composite On A Bull Run?

    Dhiren Sarin, Chief Technical Strategist, Asia Pacific at Barclays says the Shanghai Composite is one of his favorite trades for 2013 as the market shows some bullish signs. He expects the market to hit the 2,550 - 2,600 level.

  • 7.5%-8% GDP Growth The New Norm for China: Strategist

    Bhaskar Laxminarayan, Chief Investment Officer of Bank Pictet & Cie, Asia says Chinese economy has bottomed out and will grow at around 8% annually over the long term.