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  • Why the Current Rally in Asia Stocks Has No Legs Monday, 20 Aug 2012 | 1:10 AM ET
    A Chinese investor monitors screens showing stock indexes at a trading house in Shanghai on June 1, 2010.

    The current rally in Asian equities is not as strong as the one seen at the start of the year and could fizzle out real soon, say analysts.

  • Call to Limit China’s UK Nuclear Stake Sunday, 19 Aug 2012 | 8:03 PM ET
    A Chinese supporter of President Hu Jintao holds British and Chinese flags on November 9, 2005 in London, England.

    Chinese companies competing for one of the U.K.’s biggest nuclear projects are unlikely to end up with a majority stake in any winning consortium in an attempt to allay concerns about Beijing gaining control of the Horizon reactor programme. The Financial Times reports.

  • Bo Xilai

    Wang Lijun reveled in his image as the consummate crime fighter,  revealing to American diplomats in February his suspicions that the wife of Bo Xilai, had murdered a British business associate.  But there is another side to Mr. Wang, now accused by many people of being as much a criminal as those he boasted of persecuting.  Th New York Times reports.

  • Can Emerging Market Consumers Keep Spending? Saturday, 18 Aug 2012 | 12:12 AM ET
    Residents shop for local goods at one of the downtown's busy sidewalk markets in Jakarta, Indonesia.

    Greater spending from the burgeoning emerging market middle class is one of those themes global and emerging market investors have clung to as developed market consumers and governments deleverage. But there’s a growing risk emerging market consumers could start pulling back as industrial commodity prices fall and higher food prices lighten consumers’ wallets.

  • Chinese Give Luxury Goods a Pass, Go on Holiday Instead Thursday, 16 Aug 2012 | 10:37 PM ET
    Chinese tourists visit the British Museum

    While recent retail sales numbers point towards a slowdown in Chinese consumer spending, market watchers tell CNBC that's only half the story.

  • China Mobile Has Structural Problems: Pro Thursday, 16 Aug 2012 | 9:30 PM ET
    China Mobile Has Structural Problems: Pro

    Michael Meng, Head of Equity Research Hong Kong at BOCI Research says China Mobile suffers from structural problems and is cautious on its stock. He gives his target price for the company, and explains his buy calls on China Telecom and China Unicom.

  • How to Trade the Euro's Rise Thursday, 16 Aug 2012 | 4:41 PM ET

    The euro is having a good day against the dollar, but tomorrow may be another story.

  • What Happens If China Comes In for a Hard Landing? Thursday, 16 Aug 2012 | 2:15 PM ET

    China's potential hard landing likely would come with a sizeable safety net — enough, investors, hope, to brace against the damage that weakness in the world's third-largest economy would cause.

  • Dollar Lifts, Euro Slips, Peruvians Print Money Thursday, 16 Aug 2012 | 8:14 AM ET

    China warns on growth and the British are going shopping — it's time for your FX Fix.

  • Earnings Surprise to Further Boost Tencent Stock: Pro Thursday, 16 Aug 2012 | 2:07 AM ET
    Chinese students play online computer games at an internet cafe in Hangzhou.

    China’s biggest internet company by revenue, Tencent, beat market expectations with the fastest pace of increase in quarterly profit in a year, prompting one analyst to predict further upside in its stock price, which has already risen a whopping 58 percent year to date.

  • Asian Retail Rents Plateau as Global Slowdown Bites Wednesday, 15 Aug 2012 | 11:34 PM ET

    Landlords of shops in malls and High Street across the region were generally unable to get higher rents in the second quarter compared to a year before. Analysts also tell CNBC that there may be more room for rents to fall in the second half of the year as retail sales soften in key markets as such Singapore and Hong Kong.  

  • Dunkin Donuts

    Last spring Dunkin' Donuts launched a campaign in South Korea known as Flavor Radio to build brand awareness for their coffee. Devices that looked and operated like air fresheners were installed on commuter buses in Seoul to lure in customers to their stores.

  • A Decade-Long Ascent to Economic Power Wednesday, 15 Aug 2012 | 9:58 AM ET

    The U.S. may have committed a strategic error in not recognizing Turkey as a geographic bridge and trade center earlier.

  • Investing in Europe's Fastest-Growing Economy Wednesday, 15 Aug 2012 | 9:58 AM ET
    Hagia Sofia and Blue Mosque seen from Topkapi Palace in Istanbul, Turkey.

    Turkey’s roaring economy has earned it the nickname “New Tiger” among foreign investors -— who are pouring money into the country.

  • Nuclear-Plant May Test Turkey’s Trade-Diplomacy Wednesday, 15 Aug 2012 | 9:57 AM ET
    The coal fueled Fiddlers Ferry power station emits vapour into the night sky in Warrington, United Kingdom.

    Ankara’s effort at energy self-sufficiency will mean dishing out big contracts without offending any of its major trade partners.

  • How to Invest in a Powerhouse Emerging Market Wednesday, 15 Aug 2012 | 9:57 AM ET
    Traders work on the floor of the Istanbul Stock Exchange in Istanbul, Turkey.

    Dominated by a highly-regarded banking sector and flourishing consumer goods industry, Turkey’s stock market is easy for foreign investors to access.

  • Turkey Economic Profile Wednesday, 15 Aug 2012 | 9:56 AM ET

    Population: 73,639,596 Currency: Lira Natural resources: coal, iron ore, copper, chromium, antimony, mercury, gold, barite, borate, celestite (strontium), emery, feldspar, limestone, magnesite, marble, perlite, pumice, pyrites, clay, arable land, hydropower Industries: textiles, food processing, autos, electronics, mining (coal, chromate, copper, boron), steel, petroleum, construction, lumber, paper

  • global_markets_up_200.jpg

    Fund managers are becoming more confident about the prospects for global economic recovery, with an index of sentiment notching up its biggest monthly gain in more than three years, a survey by Bank of America Merrill Lynch shows..

  • Chinese-market_200.jpg

    Food inflation will start hurting Asian economies by the end of the year if the current high prices are sustained over the next few months, with Vietnam, China and Hong Kong the most vulnerable, economists tell CNBC.

  • Chinese Companies Pull Out of US Stock Markets Tuesday, 14 Aug 2012 | 12:21 PM ET
    Wall Street sign

    Just a few years after Chinese companies lined up to sell shares on Wall Street, a growing number are reversing course and pulling out of U.S. exchanges.