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  • After four years of belt-tightening, American companies are good at squeezing more profit out of every dollar of sales - a skill that chief executives regard as critical in the face of an uncertain economy.

  • Indonesia Trade Min: Debt to GDP Better Than Ever

    Gita Wirjawan, minister of trade for Indonesia, tells CNBC that the country's economy is in good shape, with mining, natural resources and infrastructure being good areas for investment.

  • North Asia Vs South East Asia

    Richard Martin, Managing Director at IMA Asia, explains that the key to the better balanced Asia depends on the export figures of North Asia and the cooling down of South East Asia market.

  • U.S. safety regulators are nowhere near finishing an investigation into a battery fire on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, a top official said on Thursday, raising the prospect of a prolonged grounding for the aircraft.

  • Apple's third straight disappointing quarter signals an urgent need for the global technology leader to drum up new revenue - and China may provide the answer.

  • The Commodities Super-Cycle is Still Intact: Commerzbank

    Eugen Weinberg, Global Head of Commodities Research, Commerzbank says the combination of a global economic recovery and continuing support from central banks will keep the commodities super-cycle intact.

  • China Needs To Cut North Korea Loose: Pro

    Sean King, Senior Vice President, Park Strategies expects North Korea to carry through with its threat of rocket launches. He says that China needs to cut ties with North Korea.

  • Business Cycle in China Can Be Postponed But Can't Be Stopped

    Bill Smead, CEO & CIO, Smead Capital Management says that the business cycle in China can't be stopped but explains why he's not buying exposure to the country.

  • Commodities Tomorrow: All About Pipelines

    CNBC's Sharon Epperson discusses the day's activity in the commodities markets and says the rebound in WTI was driven by a pipeline bottleneck and refinery issues.

  • Business Buzz: Zhang Xin

    Maria Bartiromo gets the buzz from Zhang Xin, CEO of SOHO China, on Davos and what's happening in China.

  • A record trade deficit dents the yen, and a surprise from the Bank of Canada hits the Canadian dollar - it's time for your FX Fix.

  • Global Economies on Comeback Trail

    Virginie Maisonneuve, Schroders portfolio manager, discusses signs of investor confidence as the Dow gets closer to an all-time high.

  • Shiller: Don't Get Excited About Home Price Increases

    Fan Gang, former advisor to the People¿s Bank of China and Yale University economist, Robert Shiller, discuss the economic outlook for China and the United States.

  • DSM CEO: US Economy Well Placed

    Feike Sijbesma, CEO & chairman at DSM, gives CNBC an overview of the growth trend in the world's major economies.

  • China's market remains bullish in 2013

    Alaistair Chan, Economist at Moody's Analytics comments on China's 2013 outlook, saying he expects to see China with a 8% growth, backed by rising exports.

  • Global economy outlook remains positive

    Michael McCarthy, Chief Market Strategist at CMC Markets. China's leaders are taking steps to ensure stabilizing growth. Contraction in Europe unlikely to dampen global growth, with the IMF forecast of 3-3.5% growth in 2013.

  • Foxconn

    Growth in China's giant factory sector accelerated to a two-year high in January, a preliminary private survey showed, as manufacturers received more local and foreign orders in an encouraging sign for the country's economic rebound.

  • The nascent market for "dim sum" bonds - denominated in Chinese yuan but issued outside the mainland - is poised for strong growth this year, gaining traction even as China opens its own markets to lure investors' money directly inside its borders.

  • Beijing's Central Business District

    Chinese investment banks are carrying out their biggest layoffs and bonus cuts since the financial crisis as they brace for further profit declines, hit by an ongoing drought in initial public offerings in China that started in September.

  • China's Unbelievable Growth For Real?

    "The new norm for China is significantly lower than the old norm, and that means lower demand for commodities as well," explains Ed Morse of Citi, in discussing China's recent momentum.