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  • In a CNBC interview, Robert Eckert, chairman and chief executive of Mattel, said the company has taken "several immediate steps" to prevent any future incident like the recall of Chinese-made toys, yanked because of fears of lead-paint tainting.

  • Toy-maker Fisher-Price is recalling 83 types of toys - including the popular Big Bird, Elmo, Dora and Diego characters - because their paint contains excessive amounts of lead.

  • Beijing Games 2008 -- China Bets Big On The Olympics Wednesday, 1 Aug 2007 | 2:04 PM ET

    China is looking to score big in hosting the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games next August, but the judging will be very tough. 

  • A Whole Lot of Croc Wednesday, 1 Aug 2007 | 11:22 AM ET
    Fake Jane

    A hospital in Pittsburgh is banning Crocs, the comfy rubbery shoes with holes in them. Hospital officials call them a hazard, fearing a nurse might drop a syringe on his or her foot and, bingo! One nurse tells the AP that's a croc. "I mean, I can get a needle stuck in my arm or my leg."

  • Say What? Wednesday, 1 Aug 2007 | 10:23 AM ET
    Where is Racist Park?

    Before coming to Beijing this week to cover the year before the Olympic stories, I read several articles about the city trying to fix bad English translations. Signs that supposedly read "Don't Bother" instead of "Do Not Disturb" and a place called Ethnic Minorities Park dubbed in English as "Racist Park."

  • Top Bush Aides Warn Against China Currency Bills Tuesday, 31 Jul 2007 | 6:37 PM ET

    U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and other top Bush administration officials warned on Tuesday of risks to the U.S. and global economy if Congress passes legislation aimed at punishing China for its currency policy.

  • China Immune to Paulson's Charms, Says Trade Expert Tuesday, 31 Jul 2007 | 6:34 PM ET

    U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson is in China this week, seeking parity on a number of economic issues. With American concern over the yawning trade and currency gaps, Congress has pressured the secretary to get results. How far will Beijing go to accomodate its key trading partner? "My hypothesis is the Chinese will do something --but not a lot," said Peter Morici, former director of economics at the U.S. International Trade Commission.

  • U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson saw for himself on Monday efforts to reverse environmental degradation around China's largest inland lake, taking the spotlight off currency tensions for a day.

  • Paulson Starts China Visit with Focus on Environment Sunday, 29 Jul 2007 | 6:15 PM ET

    U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson Sunday acknowledged high trade tensions with China and said he would start a four-day visit by focusing on an issue with more common ground: the environment.

  • 070727_PetroChina_Crop.jpg

    Just one day after a Wall Street Journal report that Warren Buffett is buying shares of Kraft Foods, we get word today that he's sold a small slice of his stake in PetroChina, the big Chinese oil company. The AP reports there's "no indication whether he was responding to demands by activists to cut his ties to the company due to its investments in Sudan." But the very small size of the sale, about 17 million shares worth just $27 million, would appear to make it a slight adjustment rather than any kind of message.

  • China's Baidu Reports Profit Leap of 143%; Shares Soar Thursday, 26 Jul 2007 | 4:43 PM ET
    Receptionist at Baidu.com office

    Chinese Web search company Baidu.com on Wednesday said its quarterly net profit grew 143 percent, reflecting market share gains in the world's second-largest Internet market. Its shares rose 22 percent.

  • Dollar Drops to 3-Month Low vs. Yen Thursday, 26 Jul 2007 | 12:06 PM ET

    The dollar dropped to a 3-month low Thursday, as investors spooked by growing problems in credit markets fled risky assets financed by borrowing in the low-yielding Japanese currency.

  • Dollar Rises Against Euro in Technical Rebound Wednesday, 25 Jul 2007 | 10:49 AM ET

    The dollar jumped broadly Wednesday in a technical rebound from record lows against the euro, shrugging off fresh signs of deterioration in the U.S. housing sector.

  • Dollar Index at 15-Year Low on Housing Market Woes Tuesday, 24 Jul 2007 | 2:36 PM ET

    The dollar fell to a 15-year low against a basket of major currencies and a record low against the euro Tuesday, hurt by the potential for credit woes and housing market weakness to weigh on the U.S. economy.

  • ABN Amro.jpg

    British bank Barclays has raise its offer for ABN Amro Holding to $93.1 billion with help from two Asian partners, an attempt to remain competitive with a rival bid from a group led by Royal Bank of Scotland.

  • The dollar  edged higher against the euro Monday, recovering from a record low, as dealers awaited economic data later in the week to see if U.S. credit market turmoil has spread to other sectors.

  • Fake Jane

    On the heels of fakesteve.blogspot.com (the fake Steve Jobs), and my own fakeJane (the fake me, see below), it turns out everything, EVERYTHING, is fake. Even the story about the Chinese buns made out of cardboard. Or is it? That's the problem with China these days. You believe the bad news, then when they tell you the bad news was a lie, you don't believe that either.

  • Barclays Lifts ABN Offer with China, Singapore Help Monday, 23 Jul 2007 | 7:15 AM ET

    British bank Barclays has raised its bid for Dutch group ABN Amro 67.5 billion euros ($93 billion), helped by some of the biggest ever overseas investments by China and Singapore.

  • JPMorgan Wins Approval to Incorporate in China Sunday, 22 Jul 2007 | 11:04 PM ET

    JPMorgan, a Wall Street investment bank, said on Monday that it had won final regulatory approval to set up a wholly owned unit in China.

  • Texas oilman Boone Pickens is less certain about cutting a deal with China to distribute liquefied natural gas, CNBC’s Becky Quick reports from Beijing.  Pickens, chief executive officer of BP Capital, said better deals may be available in the U.S.