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  • US President Barack Obama and Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff

    "In the past, Brazil's reach has always exceeded its grasp," says one former U.S. official. "It always saw itself as a leader, but has been frustrated that the world saw it another way. The Brazilian economy is developing to the point where it does have the global heft that people have to take it seriously."

  • China overtook the US in 2009 to become the world's largest car market and a record 16.4 million cars were sold in 2010. This week, the world’s largest automakers descended on Shanghai to launch their latest models in an attempt to increase their market share in this rapidly growing market.

    The 14th annual Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition features 2,000 carmakers and parts suppliers from 20 countries. Check out the highlights!

  • A rescue worker stands atop rubble during a body recovery mission March 20, 2011 in Ofunato, Japan. More than a week after the magnitude 9.0 earthquake and tsunami struck Japan, the death toll has risen to over 8,000 with thousands more still missing. Presently the country is struggling to contain a potential nuclear meltdown after a nuclear plant was seriously damaged by the quake.

    In the wake of the devastating March 11 earthquake, Japan faces one of its greatest ever clear-up jobs. The deadly tsunami that followed the quake turned whole towns along the northeastern coast into tangles of steel, wood, concrete and silt that must be removed before true recovery can begin. The FT reports.

  • lipstick_200.jpg

    From lipsticks and handbags to plastic figures of Buzz Lightyear, almost  everything Priscila is selling in her small shop in São Paulo’s Paraisópolis favela, or slum, has been made in China.  Cheap imports from Asia help to reduce the price of household goods but they are also accused of undermining domestic manufacturers in Brazil. The FT reports.

  • Risk is in fashion and the U.S. dollar is not, but it's anchors aweigh for the Aussie — time for your Thursday FX Fix.

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    Sotheby’s and Christie’s Spring auctions in Hong Kong are seen as a barometer of Asia’s art market. Click to view Asia’s most expensive paintings sold via the two auction houses over the past year.

  • NYSE_building_ticker_200.jpg

    Stocks rallied hard on positive earnings news Wednesday and will likely key off of Thursday's quarterly reports, but the pre-open weekly jobless claims will also be a major factor.

  • This is a transcript of top stories presented by China's CCTV Business Channel as produced by CNBC Asia Pacific.

  • CNBC Investing In Green Tech 2011

    The U.S. was an early leader in many areas, but has since slipped a bit. Some say cleantech could be the nest Internet and that the U.S. needs to exploit its considerable expertise. What do you think?

  • fx_fix_1_200.jpg

    Remember how Standard & Poor's rattled everybody by going negative on U.S. debt? Currency traders are so over that. Your daily FX Fix, right here.

  • The mining industry has been caught by natural disasters in the Pacific region, an intense mergers and acquisitions environment and emerging countries eyeing to get a hold on commodities resources, Evy Hambro, MD and CIO of the natural resources team at BlackRock told CNBC.

  • Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero

    Spain's Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero left the Chinese capital last week convinced he had secured the promise of billions of dollars of investment in Spain’s struggling savings banks, the FT reports.

  • Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn addresses a press conference at the Shanghai Auto Show.

    Earnings at Japan's automakers are likely to be hit by the ongoing supply shortage of components. Japanese auto executives attending the motor show in Shanghai, many speaking at length for the first time since the quake, said they have yet to grasp the full impact of the disruptions.

  • This is a transcript of top stories presented by China's CCTV Business Channel as produced by CNBC Asia Pacific.

  • Commodities Tomorrow

    CNBC's Sharon Epperson discusses the day's activity in the commodities markets, including the latest data from MasterCard on retail gasoline demand, and looks ahead to where oil and gold may be headed tomorrow.

  • manufacturing_new2.jpg

    While American manufacturing is a step ahead of the rest of the economy right now, it is still in a deep hole when one considers overall employment, output, innovation, human capital, and trade.

  • globe_currency_200.jpg

    The market hasn't realized the significance for the dollar of last week's meeting of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, this analyst says.

  • Donald Trump

    Donald Trump on Tuesday outlined his plan for dealing with China if he were to be in a position to do so.

  • The Canadian dollar is soaring on the wings of a strong inflation report, and yesterday's euro slide has halted — it's time for your FX Fix.

  • Despite growing concerns China's property market is in a bubble, Morgan Stanley firmly believes that isn't the case. Jerry Lou, Managing Director and China Strategist at the bank told CNBC on Tuesday that China's property sector lacked the three defining features of a bubble: valuations, excessive financial leverage and a sharp, steady rise in prices.