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  • Morici: Tax China and Bankers' Pay to Bring Back Jobs Monday, 11 Oct 2010 | 11:21 AM ET
    Chinese shipping containers

    Despair grips the nation, as nearly 15 million are counted as jobless and many more languish in part-time employment. Free trade with China, flawed energy policies and pandering to Wall Street are destroying American prosperity.

  • Jobs Tepid, Dems Out, Stocks Up? Monday, 11 Oct 2010 | 10:59 AM ET

    Precisely because of the obvious failure of the Obama stimulus-spending program to adequately create jobs, the Federal Reserve is moving toward re-priming the pump. It’s the addition of yet another bad policy of dollar destruction to the first mistake of massive spending.

  • Sorry Martti, Maybe Next Year Monday, 11 Oct 2010 | 8:47 AM ET
    Nobel Peace Prize

    Nobel Peace Prize laureate and United Nations diplomat Martti Ahtisaari was hoping that this year’s Nobel Peace Prize winner would be a woman, maybe even his friend Mary Robinson, the former Irish president.

  • Asia Edges Higher on Hopes of Fed Support Monday, 11 Oct 2010 | 7:10 AM ET

    This is a transcript of top stories presented by China's CCTV Business Channel as produced by CNBC Asia Pacific.

  • Rep. Levin: Fighting for Prosperity Friday, 8 Oct 2010 | 9:42 AM ET

    The currency wars are heating up and the competition among the countries of who can keep their currencies undervalued the longest is driving commodities like the price of gold to dizzying new highs.

  • China Plays Catch Up; Asia Eyes US Jobs Data Friday, 8 Oct 2010 | 7:18 AM ET

    This is a transcript of top stories presented by China's CCTV Business Channel as produced by CNBC Asia Pacific.

  • Hong Kong Stocks a Good Way to Play China: Fund Manager Thursday, 7 Oct 2010 | 11:09 PM ET

    Play China’s growth story via Hong Kong companies and buy Indian stocks only for the long term, advised Hugh Young, managing director at Aberdeen Asset Management.

  • Trading the Globe: Playing EM with US Stocks Thursday, 7 Oct 2010 | 7:12 PM ET

    Tim Seymour, founder of, talks US stocks that are getting into emerging markets around the world.

  • Halftime: Top Traders Gaming Tech Thursday, 7 Oct 2010 | 1:48 PM ET

    The "Fast Money" traders give their calls on Oracle, Hewlett-Packard, IBM and more.

  • U.S. companies with businesses in emerging markets like China and Brazil will likely do well in the upcoming earnings season, says Scott Macdonald, head of credit and economics Research at Aladdin Capital Holdings.

  • Goldman Sachs May Be Losing Influence in Washington Wednesday, 6 Oct 2010 | 4:26 PM ET

    When it comes to visibility and influence, Goldman Sachs is as noticeable on Pennsylvania Avenue as it is on Wall Street. But that may be changing, as a result of the firm's recent legal and public relations problems.

  • Hugh Hendry's Guide To Shorting China Wednesday, 6 Oct 2010 | 2:03 PM ET
    Flag of the People's Republic of China

    Over the summer, money managers turned markedly bullish on China. Only a handful of hedge fund managers have put money to work shorting China.

  • Halftime: Will Bank Stocks Confirm or Deny Rally? Wednesday, 6 Oct 2010 | 1:42 PM ET

    The financials are testing a key level needed to confirm the rally in trading Wednesday.

  • EU, US Right to Put Pressure on China: Credit Advisor Wednesday, 6 Oct 2010 | 10:08 AM ET

    The US and Europe are right to continue to put pressure on China while ignoring measures to protect the currency taken by countries like Japan because its economic situation is not good, Bob Parker, senior advisor at Credit Suisse, told CNBC Wednesday.

  • Shock and Awe: The U.S. Deficit Problem Wednesday, 6 Oct 2010 | 9:38 AM ET

    Earlier this week I was driving my kids to school when I saw a vandalized street sign that was so striking that I had to pull over and take a picture of it.

  • IMF Chief Warns on Exchange Rate Wars Wednesday, 6 Oct 2010 | 6:31 AM ET
    IMF Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn

    The head of the International Monetary Fund has warned that governments are risking a currency war if they try to use exchange rates to solve domestic problems, reports the Financial Times.

  • Casinos Now See Online Gambling as a Better Bet Monday, 4 Oct 2010 | 11:36 AM ET

    Many of the country’s largest casinos, long opposed to gambling games like poker on the Internet, are now having second thoughts.

  • Finding the Metrics That Matter Friday, 1 Oct 2010 | 6:04 PM ET

    Following the wrong one, Cramer says, could sidetrack you from the market’s next big move.

  • UPDATE: Is the Street Sacking Goldman Sachs? Friday, 1 Oct 2010 | 5:39 PM ET

    Does Wall Street have it in for the investment bank? We've updated this post with even more insights from the Fast Money traders.

  • Halftime: Is the Street Sacking Goldman Sachs? Friday, 1 Oct 2010 | 1:42 PM ET

    Does Wall Street have it in for the investment bank? The "Fast" traders weigh in.