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  • Jiang Jianqing, Chairman of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

    China’s bank “monopoly” should be broken up, Jiang Jianqing, Chairman of the country’s largest lender ICBC told CNBC, adding that a more “diversified and competitive” environment would help improve the efficiency and management of the whole industry.

  • China needs to open up its markets further to improve global trade and create a level playing field, U.S. Trade representative Ron Kirk told CNBC’s "Worldwide Exchange" Thursday.

  • Bo Xilai was toppled amid accusations his wife arranged the killing of a British businessman, but hidden wiretapping may have been another reason party officials turned on him.

  • The Federal Reserve headquarters in Washington, DC.

    The Federal Reserve is doing more harm to the U.S. economy than good by keeping interest rates artificially low and continuing its "monetary medicine", Peter Boockvar, portfolio manager and equity strategist at Miller Tabak told CNBC.

  • Geithner on Global Economic Growth

    Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner discusses his support for President Obama's recovery efforts and shares his views on economic fixes, European austerity and China's economy.

  • Caterpillar CEO on Construction Outlook

    Doug Oberhelman, Caterpillar chairman and CEO discusses his company's earnings report, an outlook on China's economy and construction activity in the U.S.

  • antique world map

    “When you think about it just from a fiscal standpoint, the developed markets, the large markets, look kind of scary and the growth markets actually look pretty appealing from a risk perspective,” Jon Beinner said.

  • Given the pace of global growth, experts say crude oil prices are higher than they should be – largely the result of concern Iran might close the Strait of Hormuz in its showdown with the U.S. and E.U. over the expansion of its nuclear program.Like Iran, some of the world’s other biggest oil producers can be subject to unpredictable and unstable political events, causing price shocks. Such was the case during the 2011 civil unrest in Libya. At the time, Libya was the 17th largest oil-producing c

    Big movements in the price of oil can have significant effects on the economy, and countries with the most oil within their borders are set to benefit, as demand for crude continues to rise.

  • Analysts: 'Neutral' on Apple & 'Buy' on Caterpillar

    Apple now accounts for 36% of all profit growth for the S&P 500 this quarter, but Walter Piecyk, BTIG Research analyst explains why he downgraded the company ahead of its earnings. Stephen Volkmann, Jefferies analyst, also discusses his 'buy' rating on Caterpillar.

  • china_cellphones.jpg

    China's second-largest mobile phone operator, China Unicom, posted a big jump in its first quarter earnings, helped by robust data demand, but one analyst tells CNBC he prefers the market leader China Mobile.

  • Bank of China

    The red-hot profit growth enjoyed by Chinese banks in recent years will slow sharply in the first quarter of 2012, industry experts tell CNBC, but add mainland lenders remain an attractive investment opportunity given their cheap valuations.

  • The Hyundai Elantra is viewed on the floor of the the New York International Auto Show April 20, 2011 in New York City.

    Hyundai and Kia are looking to boost sales in a slowing, but crowded, China car market by positioning themselves as quality brands.

  • Wednesday's event marks the first regularly scheduled news conference by a Fed chairman in the central bank's 97-year history.

    The markets may be hoping the Federal Reserve will signal further easing at the end of its policy meeting, but experts tell CNBC, Bernanke is unlikely to follow through with more easing. Rather, some economists say, rates are headed higher before the end of 2014.

  • Commodities Tomorrow: FOMC & Gold

    CNBC's Sharon Epperson discusses the day's activity in the commodities markets and looks at where oil and precious metals are likely headed tomorrow.

  • SEC Investigating Major Movie Studios' China Dealings: Reuters

    CNBC's Julia Boorstin reports that the SEC and U.S. regulators are investigating major movie studios' alleged inappropriate dealings with Chinese government officials.

  • Coach's CEO Highlights Strong Quarter

    Lew Frankfort, Coach Chairman and CEO, discusses his company's earnings results and appeal to Chinese consumers.

  • china_america_flag_200.jpg

    With each passing SEC suit against a once high-flying U.S. traded Chinese company, it becomes striking how pervasive the alleged fraud was in some of these companies.

  • BMW China Dealership - VIP Dining Room

    Walk into the BMW Beijing Huadebao Auto showroom and you quickly see why China has become a huge focus for the German luxury automaker.

  • fx_fix_1_200.jpg

    A Dutch bond sale reassures, but investors are looking for havens - it's time for your FX Fix.

  • semiconductor-200.jpg

    Better-than-expected quarterly earnings from Texas Instruments overnight points to the fact that the tide has turned for global chipmakers, one analyst told CNBC Tuesday, who now expects strong revenue growth for many Asian chipmakers as well.