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  • Fortescue CEO Sees Sustained Chinese Iron Ore Demand

    Iron ore prices slumped as China demand slows but Fortescue Metals' CEO Nev Power, still sees strong long-term demand from the mainland. He explains his optimism.

  • Commodities Tomorrow

    CNBC's Sharon Epperson discusses the day's activity in the commodities markets and looks at where oil and precious metals are likely headed tomorrow.

  • Emerging market debt could be safer than US Treasurys, according to a new study by Bank of America Merrill Lynch and the Eurasia Group.

  • prison_bars_200.jpg

    China has jailed two government officials for leaking data to securities brokerages in a state secrets case that some fear may threaten economic transparency and debate. The FT reports.

  • Analysts are not convinced that Huijin's purchase of China's big four banks shares will change investor sentiment.

    Shares of China's "big four" banks rose sharply on Tuesday after a unit of the country's $400 billion sovereign wealth fund — Central Huijin Investment — increased its stake in the lenders. However, three analysts tell CNBC that while the intervention to boost investor confidence in China's financial system is encouraging, the move will not change market sentiment.

  • With Chinese automaker BYD opening its US headquarters in Los Angeles today, much of the attention will be focused on Berkshire Hathaway, the investment firm that owns 10% of BYD.

  • China's Manufacturing Index Rebounds

    China's PMI is positive for the first time in four months. Brian Kelly, Fast Money contributor, explains why China will not have a so-called hard landing. Rich Ilczyszyn, of MF Global, also weighs in.

  • Aligator Purse

    The market for luxury goods has come back with a bang in the past couple of years, despite volatility elsewhere in the market.

  • Paint_200.jpg

    The construction boom in China and other emerging countries has transformed sludge from the beaches of Africa and Australia into gold dust for a handful of mining companies. The FT reports.

  • wind_turbines2_200.jpg

    China, the world’s biggest market for wind power, is bracing for a sharp slowdown in wind turbine installations this year, a move that will spark a “bloodbath” among wind turbine producers, industry executives say. The FT reports.

  • milk_cartons.jpg

    Mengniu Dairy, one of China’s largest milk producers, is considering a bid for Pfizer’s infant nutrition business as potential buyers prepare for the start of the sales process next month. The FT reports.

  • Chinese ladies accessing wireless internet at a Beijing restaurant.

    The death of Apple founder Steve Jobs this month triggered rounds of soul-searching in China over why the country lacks technology entrepreneurs as successful as Mr Jobs, who came up with products that changed the world. The FT reports.

  • european_flags_200.jpg

    If the European Union works out a "credible, convincing debt program," sovereign wealth funds may see it as an opportunity to invest, Jin Liqun, chairman of the board of supervisors for China Investment Corporation, told CNBC Friday.

  • Spending & investing in China's Money

    The details behind China's money to spend and invest, with Jin Liqun, China Investment Corporation.

  • european_union_crack2_200.jpg

    The debt crisis afflicting the euro zone is a condition that can be delayed but ultimately cannot be resolved, David Murrin, chief investment officer at Emergent Asset Management told CNBC.

  • Hami Solar Power Station

    Like Detroit automakers taking on the Japanese a generation ago, the seven American solar panel makers that filed a trade case on Wednesday against China might find that a legal victory, if it comes, may not translate into business success. The NYT reports.

  • Job seekers read recruitment newspapers at a job fair in Shanghai, China.

    Currency markets are hanging on every European headline, so this strategist has a trade in another direction.

  • rare_earth_Dysprosium_200.jpg

    Some of the businesses that depend on rare earth metals reportedly are now considering moving production facilities to China.

  • A policeman patrols under a giant communist emblem on the Tiananmen Square on June 28, 2011 in Beijing, China.

    China's gross domestic product growth slowed to 9.1 percent in the last quarter, its slowest pace in two years. But one fund manager says the moderating pace is exactly what the Chinese government wants and he remains bullish on the country's stocks.

  • Housing complexes in China

    Chinese property developers have discovered an alternative to the renminbi, China’s currency, as they begin to advertise prices in “Pan”.  The FT reports.