Chris Christie

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie as he appeared on CNBC's "Squawk Box," Thursday, August 27, 2015.
55th Governor of New Jersey


  • ATLANTIC CITY, N.J.— His city is a half-billion dollars in debt, its casino industry continues to shrink, and the state has seized most of his power. Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian must walk an almost impossible tightrope this year: submitting to painful, deeply unpopular measures the state insists on to improve the city's finances, while answering to voters who...

  • New Jersey regulators have approved a measure allowing a natural gas pipeline to run through the federally protected Pinelands preserve. The Pinelands Commission voted to permit the pipeline Friday. England power plant in Upper Township.

  • CHERRY HILL, N.J.— New Jersey environmental regulators on Friday approved a hotly contested plan to run a natural gas pipeline through a federally protected forest preserve amid raucous protests that included drums, tambourines and choruses of "This Land Is Your Land." The 15- member New Jersey Pinelands Commission voted to approve a plan by South Jersey Gas to...

  • LAMBERTVILLE, N.J.— A United Airlines lobbyist and longtime state official accused of conspiracy in a shakedown benefiting the former chairman of the agency that controls New York City- area airports has died. Jamie Fox, who held numerous governmental posts during his career, died Monday at age 62, the Van Horn-McDonough Funeral Home said.

  • Environmental groups and anti-drilling residents fear regulators are taking steps to lift a seven-year moratorium on natural gas development near the Delaware River, whose watershed supplies Philadelphia and half the population of New York City. The Delaware River Basin Commission, the agency that monitors and regulates the water supply of more than 15...

  • Chris Christie delivered a stern warning to a gathering of New Jersey lobbyists, business people and politicians that the field of candidates looking to succeed him could be making too many promises. Christie spoke Thursday night at the state Chamber of Commerce's annual dinner after a daylong train ride from New Jersey to the nation's capital.

  • Chris Christie, governor of New Jersey,

    A New Jersey judge says a criminal complaint made against Chris Christie over the bridge scandal can now move forward, a report says.

  • WASHINGTON— As President Donald Trump vows to "drain the swamp" in Washington, a swarm of 1,000 lobbyists, business owners and politicians traveled by train from the swamps of New Jersey on Thursday for a day of lobbying. The state Chamber of Commerce's 80th annual trip— nicknamed the "Walk to Washington" because rail riders generally pace the train's corridors...

  • Chris Christie, governor of New Jersey,

    The two are expected to discuss opioid addiction in the U.S., among other topics.

  • NEW YORK, Feb 9- A potential increase in gasoline taxes in several U.S. states could put a dent in demand at the pumps and mark another setback for a market already flooded with excess fuel. "It's all a question of how quickly cause and effect can kick in," said Sandy Fielden, director of oil and products research at Morningstar. In October, New Jersey Governor Chris...

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