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  • FRANKFURT, Nov 5- When the European Parliament turned Yves Mersch down for a top central banking post, it wasn't because he lacked the expertise or experience; they rejected him because he is a man. Mersch, a Luxembourger who is highly regarded by his peers, had been expected to get the job on the European Central Bank's all-male board anyway.

  • ATHENS, Nov 2- The Greek journalist put on trial for publishing a list of Swiss bank account holders accused Greece's political and business elite on Friday of trying to muzzle the press to cover up chronic corruption.

  • *Public anger in Greece at tax evasion by wealthy. ATHENS, Nov 1- A Greek journalist who published the names of more than 2,000 of his compatriots who held Swiss bank accounts was acquitted on Thursday in a case that touched a nerve over the role of tax evasion in the country's debt crisis.

  • *Public anger in Greece at tax evasion by wealthy. ATHENS, Nov 1- A journalist on trial for publishing the names of more than 2,000 Greeks with Swiss bank accounts accused politicians on Thursday of hiding the truth and protecting an ``untouchable'' wealthy elite.

  • *Public anger in Greece at tax evasion by wealthy. The case has touched a nerve in near-bankrupt Greece, where rampant tax evasion is undermining a struggle to cut public costs and raise revenue under an EU/IMF bailout deal.

  • ATHENS, Nov 1- Greek lawyers launched their defence of a prominent journalist on Thursday charged with breaking private data rules after he published the names of more than 2,000 wealthy Greeks believed to be holding Swiss bank accounts.

  • BERLIN, Oct 30- Global economic recovery remains uncertain, making budget and structural reform necessary to revive growth, Germany said in a joint statement with the IMF and OECD on Tuesday.

  • *Gold seen trading in $1,700- $1,740 range next week. SINGAPORE, Oct 26- Gold was a tad higher on Friday but heading for its third week of decline after shares inched lower in Asia, the U.S. dollar firmed, and fears about the health of the global economy lingered.

  • SINGAPORE, Oct 26- Gold was little changed on Friday, heading for its third week of decline after shares inched lower in Asia, the U.S. dollar firmed, and fears about the health of the global economy lingered. *Gold was steady at $1,712.18 an ounce by 0034 GMT.

  • PARIS-- The pace at which countries like Greece and Spain cut their deficits with austerity measures must depend on their economic conditions, International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde said Tuesday.

  • Fiscal Cliff Fuels Global Fear

    Worry over the fiscal cliff is dominating economic conversations across the globe. Christine Lagarde, IMF managing director, speaks to CNBC's Maria Bartiromo.

  • IMF Chief on US Economy: Uncertainty Risk Will Increase

    Check out a preview of CNBC's exclusive interview with Christine Lagarde. "The uncertainty risk associated with the fiscal cliff, and the debt ceiling, is going to increase as we get closer to year end," she says.

  • Reality Forces EU to Soften Stance on Greece

    Germany and the IMF appeared to soften their stance on the Greek debt crisis over the weekend ahead of an EU Summit which could decide whether the debt ridden euro member is given a new tranche of international aid.

  • Greece Needs More Time: IMF's Lagarde

    Christine Lagarde, managing director at the IMF, tells CNBC Greece needs a little bit more time to continue their adjustments, more needs to be done but at a sensible pace.

  • Zeti Akhtar Aziz, governor of Bank Negara Malaysia

    Malaysia, which refused bailout from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) during the Asian financial crisis, says Greece should be given more time to implement reforms and clean up its finances, otherwise an overly-stringent austerity drive could push the country into a prolonged recession and make recovery even more unlikely.

  • TOKYO-- Global financial ministers called Saturday for quick and effective action to safeguard faltering economic growth and rebuild shaken confidence as they ended an annual meeting of the International Monetary Fund.

  • TOKYO-- Despite making progress on getting its fiscal house in order, the United States still has much work to do, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner told fellow financial leaders Saturday.

  • PARIS, Oct 12- France supports the IMF's call to give indebted southern European countries more time to improve their finances, Finance Minister Pierre Moscovici told a newspaper on Friday, putting Paris at loggerheads with Berlin.

  • *De Guindos says no political resistance to aid for Spain* Mixed reviews on IMF call for slower budget cuts* EU's top economic official shows the way for Spain By Jan Strupczewski and Koh Gui Qing.

  • *Germany gives no ground on question of Greece. TOKYO, Oct 12- Germany held firm on Friday in insisting it was too soon to say Greece deserved more time to meet its budget-cutting goals even as the head of the IMF laid out the case for leniency.