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  • By Sarah N. Lynch and Alexandra Alper. WASHINGTON, Oct 2- Two Senate Republicans on Tuesday slammed Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner for failing to wean U.S. firms off a key British benchmark interest rate that he knew was being rigged, resulting, the lawmakers said, in costly litigation that hurts American taxpayers.

  • Grassley's letter comes as the Justice Department, Commodity Futures Trading Commission and the United Kingdom's Financial Services Authority continue to probe whether banks colluded to manipulate the London interbank offered rate, which underpins trillion of dollars in contracts and loans-- from U.S. mortgages to Japanese interest-rate swaps.

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    The tenth annual OffshoreAlert gathering brings together financial advisers, Cayman and other offshore bankers, and government officials. But much of the attention - and criticism -has been on the presence of 19 IRS officials.