Critical Condition: Saving America's Cities


  • View of downtown Oakland, California.

    Although Oakland is hiring again, CNBC's Scott Cohn reports some issues holding the city back from balancing its budget.

  • A CNBC.com analysis of more than 120 of the nation's largest state and local municipal pension plans finds they face a wide range of financial burdens as aging workforces near retirement.

  • Home of Charles Lang Freer, Detroit railroad car manufacturer.

    Visit any American city and it doesn't take a whole lot of imagination to see where its greatness came from—however faded it may seem to be.

  • A look at the economic health of 384 major metro areas in the U.S. examining leading indicators such as jobless rates and industrial production.

  • On the waterfront: Market Street Bridge and the Tennessee Aquarium

    Chattanooga has made a comeback over the last 5 years thanks to investing in high-speed broadband. In the process, it has wooed $4 billion in foreign investment.

  • View of downtown Oakland, California.

    Interest rate swaps - sold as a way to save money on public financing - have turned into municipal bombs.

  • Lawrence Payne walks past two abandoned houses on September 4, 2013 in the Six Mile Gratiot neighborhood of Detroit, Michigan.

    The head of the National Urban League outlines a plan to close the economic divide that's crippling U.S. cities.

About Saving America's Cities

  • The fiscal squeeze in Washington has trickled down to America’s cities. Senior Correspondent Scott Cohn traveled to five American cities in the midst of crisis—find out if one is yours.

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