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  • Moving education toward innovation

    Jack DeGioia, Georgetown University; Michael Crow, Arizona State University, and Bob Kerrey, former New School president, talk about providing online education and regulating college accreditation.

  • Jack DeGioia, Georgetown University; Michael Crow, Arizona State University, and Bob Kerrey, former New School president, talks about the benefits and costs of higher education and who should be responsible for the debt.

  • Rethinking student debt

    Jack DeGioia, Georgetown University; Michael Crow, Arizona State University, and Bob Kerrey, Minerva Institute, discuss the soaring costs of higher education, and the need to change the way we think about student debt.

  • America's next big crisis? Student debt

    CNBC's Sharon Epperson takes a look at the growing problem of delinquent student loans and its impact on a generation of consumers.

  • New way to choose colleges

    CNBC's Sharon Epperson reports on a new website that can better help students and their families choose a college.

  • Zombies

    An undergraduate education can be a costly endeavor but these wacky college scholarships could help to lighten the load.

  • Solutions to student debt: Purdue Univ. president

    Data points to a widening amount of Americans unable or unwilling to pay their student debt. Mitch Daniels, Purdue University president, thinks "income-sharing agreements' could provide the solution.

  • The Spark: Colleges adapt to stay relevant

    CNBC's Kelly Evans speaks with Eric Lima, associate producer of mechanical engineering at Cooper Union in New York City, to discuss what colleges can offer young entrepreneurs.

  • This start-up will help your college application

    Juan Jaysingh, co-founder of ZeeMee, says the Silicon Valley-based start-up helps high schoolers spice up their college applications with customized web profiles.

  • Is the cost of college worth the price?

    Peter Cappelli, University of Pennsylvania, and Michael Mitchell, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, discuss the true cost of a college degree and whether students will be priced out of higher learning in the future.

  • Ivy League 'no loans' policy

    CNBC's Sharon Epperson reports that students can find an affordable education even at Ivy League schools, which have instituted a no loans policy.

  • How to get the best college ROI

    CNBC's Jennifer Barrett zeros in on some of the important decisions to help you get the best college ROI.

  • For-profit colleges and debt

    The average debt for "for-profit" schools averages to almost $40,000, reports CNBC's Scott Cohn.

  • How to balance retirement and college savings

    CNBC's personal finance correspondent Sharon Epperson explains how you can save for your retirement while putting money towards for your children's college educations. The key is to prioritize your savings.

  • College credit card debt

    The Department of Education will regulate college debit cards in order to protect students from excessive fees, NBC News reports.

  • Best college towns

    Check out the best cities for millennial college students for work and play. CNBC's Jane Wells report.

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