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    There's much more than the legal costs and who gets the house. Not only will your cost of living  go up, from the everyday necessities and the niceties of life.

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    These mutual funds, also known as  life cycle ones, take the hard work out of building a diversified portfolio. And judging by their soaring popularity, investors appreciate the convenience.

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    In the newsletter we received from USC was an article called, "A Full Nest Once Again: Preparing for Your Graduate to Move Back Home." Nooooooo. No no no. That's what parents pay tuition for—so universities can help prepare our children NOT to move back home. And yet Adecco, a global HR consulting firm, claims in a survey of more than 500 recent graduates that 40 percent of those who graduated in 2008...moved back home...into their old rooms...the rooms you turned into offices or gyms.

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    "Somehow, my generation has earned a bad rap when it comes to money. We’ve been pegged as ‘generation debt,’ living at home with our parents while taking years to finish school, settle on a career, and choose a romantic partner. But that stereotype, it turns out, isn’t quite accurate," writes the author.

  • The London School of Economics should not have accepted research funding from a foundation run by the son of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, the outgoing director of the London School of Economics told CNBC Thursday, but cuts in government funding will force governments to raise money more aggressively, he warned.

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    Britain is the European capital for bogus universities with more than twice as many unaccredited institutions in the UK as genuine ones, according to Accredibase, a global database of unlicensed rogue universities.

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    As Asia’s economy powers ahead, the surge in M&A and IPO activity is creating high demand for corporate lawyers. International law firms in the region are beginning to ramp up hiring. But in doing so, they are increasingly facing a talent shortage. That's providing an opportunity for law school graduates from the U.S.

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    Last summer, Barack Obama promised a new education program that would produce 8 million more college graduates by 2020. Few people at the time raised the obvious question: do we really need an additional 8 million college graduates? Where’s the evidence for a coming shortage of college educated workers?

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    More and more people are questioning the practicality of a traditional bachelor of arts degree as the United States struggles to create jobs in a global economy while U.S. colleges fail to contain tuition costs.

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    Some companies are having trouble finding employees with the right technical skills to fill job openings.

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    You may have to work harder, and make more personal sacrifices, but you'll graduate with less debt.

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    Millions of of American high school juniors are starting their college search, while seniors are deciding which school they'll actually attend.  In both cases, Mom and Dad might be tempted to vote with their wallets, hoping to pay for school without breaking the family bank.  These tips will help.

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    If your kids are making their own dinner reservations for Valentine’s Day, it’s probably time to discuss their financial independence. Once they reach college or turn 19, how you form relationships with your children can have fiscal consequences both good and bad.

  • Child with money

    Whether it is best intentions or bad habits, the way parents approach money can make a lasting impression on the children. So try a little tough love and self control.

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    Twenty-six year old Craig Rosen is taking a $100,000 gamble on his future.

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    Dr. Helen Smith is a forensic psychologist in Knoxville, Tennessee "who enjoys commenting on popular culture, politics and psychological issues."

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    College students are barely civilized barbarians who are fundamentally lacking in the basic skills required to succeed as human beings.

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    A recent paper by Kellog management professor Lauren Rivera “uncovers” something most of us already know: elite investment banks, consultancies and law firms are education snobs.

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    College freshmen are more miserable than they have been in 25 years.

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    According to the Center for Applied Linguistics, from 1997 to 2008, the number of middle and high schools offering Chinese has quadrupled. Among elementary schools it has grown tenfold.