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  • Small business entrepreneur worried

    Plunging consumer confidence doesn't always mean a recession is coming, says Conference Board director Lynn Franco. Here's why.

  • A trader works on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange September 15, 2008 in New York City.

    Former Lehman CFO Erin Callan's new memoir exposes the reasons why the firm failed spectacularly in 2008, says Reuters columnist Dominic Elliott.

  • Julissa Arce

    Julissa Arce rose to VP at Goldman Sachs by age 27, and during most of that time she was an undocumented immigrant. Find out how.

  • People protest outside the North Carolina Executive Mansion in Raleigh, N.C., Thursday, March 24, 2016. North Carolina legislators decided to rein in local governments by approving a bill Wednesday that prevents cities and counties from passing their own anti-discrimination rules.

    The backlash against Indiana last year should've been a lesson. And yet, discriminatory laws are still popping up. Why?

  • Donald Trump at a campaign rally on December 16, 2015 in Mesa, Arizona.

    As Trump marches toward the inevitable GOP nomination, it’s not a question of whether or not party brokers can stop him. It’s why would they want to?

  • Norman Lear

    "Maude" creator Norman Lear can't believe a woman’s right to choose is still under fire. It has a huge impact on their lives and careers.

  • Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen

    The Fed and investors are locked in a game of cat and mouse, writes investment manager Thomas Laskey. But the game may be about to change.

  • China and U.S. flags

    A former Treasury legal counsel explains how the US vets foreign acquisitions of US companies to make sure there are no national security risks.

  • Traders work on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

    A number of negative market drivers have improved and there are opportunities in the US and Europe, says UBS CIO Mark Haefele.

  • A supporter shouts to Donald Trump as he greets the crowd after speaking during a campaign event at the Savannah Center in West Chester, Ohio.

    Trump's poor showing with women is turning the GOP's gender gap into a canyon, says Margie Omero. That will be a big problem in November.

  • Hillary Clinton

    Hillary Clinton gets the problem right when it comes to wages — but she gets the solution wrong, says this fast-food CEO.

  • 423 Park Avenue in New York.

    Construction cranes dotting the skyline is just one sign that this real estate market is headed for a crash, says Ron Insana.

  • A woman walks past signage displayed outside of the W Hotel Hollywood in Hollywood, California.

    China's Anbang raised its bid for Starwood. But the country's M&A binge is beginning to disappoint, says NYU Stern's Rob Salomon. Here's why.

  • T-Rex

    Which social media app is about to go the way of the dinosaurs? These University of Illinois students weigh in.

  • GoldieBlox founder Debbie Sterling.

    The toy industry told Debbie Sterling that GoldieBlox would never fly. Then, she raised $1 million on Kickstarter in just a few months.

  • The European Central Bank in Frankfurt, Germany

    The ECB is on the right track, and its policies are fully supported by an overwhelming majority of member countries.

  • Pills

    Let the free market decide the availability, cost and need for any drug or treatment, says Jake Novak.

  • Donald Trump

    Donald Trump's comments about NATO highlight why he would be a terrible leader for the US on the world stage, says Erik Brattberg.

  • Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz

    Here's why Trump and Cruz get it wrong when it comes to the Brussels attacks and terrorism, says Prof. David Cortright.

  • Cubans using their mobile devices in Havana, Cuba.

    Forget Cuban cigars and rum. Boosting the island's emerging tech sector is the real opportunity for growth, say two Cuba experts.

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