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  • Samsung to Widen Lead Over Apple in Smartphones Friday, 4 Jan 2013 | 12:07 AM ET

    Samsung is expected to widen its lead over Apple in global smartphone sales, helped by a broad product lineup, a market researcher firm said Friday.

  • Antivirus Companies Struggle to Do Their Job Wednesday, 2 Jan 2013 | 11:04 AM ET

    The antivirus industry has a dirty little secret: its products are often not very good at stopping viruses

  • Can I Afford It, Jr.? Matthew Friday, 28 Dec 2012 | 12:00 AM ET
    Can I Afford It, Jr.? Matthew

    Matthew (14) asks Suze if he can afford an Alienware Laptop, which costs $1,300.

  • Signs of Change at China's Electronics Factories Thursday, 27 Dec 2012 | 12:12 AM ET
    china foxconn-437311541_v2.jpg

    One day last summer, Pu Xiaolan was halfway through a shift inspecting iPad cases when she received a beige wooden chair with white stripes and a high, sturdy back. The NYT reports.

  • Yahoo Plans Board Shake-Up, Adds Former PayPal Exec Thursday, 13 Dec 2012 | 11:18 AM ET
    The Yahoo logo is displayed in front of the Yahoo headqarters in Sunnyvale, California.

    Yahoo is planning to bring on a new board member and show two others the door, the New York Times reported on Thursday, citing sources.

  • JPMorgan Nearing a Deal to Pay Back UK Taxes Saturday, 8 Dec 2012 | 1:11 AM ET
    JPMorgan, Credit Suisse Pay $400 Million in Mortgage Case

    JPMorgan is nearing a settlement with the U.K. in which the U.S. bank and its employees could pay close to 500 million pounds in back taxes that were avoided through the use of an offshore trust for bonus payments. The FT reports.

  • RIM Blacklists Passwords on Blackberries Friday, 7 Dec 2012 | 1:14 PM ET
    Last Call: U.S. Customs Drops the Blackberry

    Research In Motion has put out a list of 106 passwords that its customers are banned from using because they are too weak including "123456," "pookie," "butthead," and more.

  • Starbucks $450 gift card is made of stainless steel and will only be available in limited quantities through a luxury goods website. Is the Starbucks $450 steel gift card a sign that Starbucks is going "1 percent" on us? Or is it just harmless, splurgy fun?

  • Apple's rank in China's smartphone market, which is set to become the world's largest this year, fell to No.6 in the third quarter as it faces tougher competition from Chinese brands, according to research.

  • Pizza Hut Perfume: Yes, It's Real Thursday, 6 Dec 2012 | 2:17 AM ET

    No matter which way you slice it (sorry), Pizza Hut has long been an innovator in the pizza industry: The chain gave the world stuffed crust, after all. But now Pizza Hut is channeling its creative streak into other ventures, releasing its own Pizza Hut perfume.

  • Former US Spy Warns on Cybersecurity Sunday, 2 Dec 2012 | 2:49 PM ET

    Without action, the US will face a major cyber attack, says a former US spy.

  • Trading Hewlett-Packard's Plunge Tuesday, 20 Nov 2012 | 5:15 PM ET
    Trading Hewlett-Packard's Plunge

    Jim Chanos called Hewlett-Packard the "ultimate value trap," in July. Dan Niles, Alpha One Capital Partners, discusses the stock's tumble today, and whether it can bounce back.

  • Will Electronic Device Sales Light Up the Holidays? Wednesday, 14 Nov 2012 | 3:32 PM ET
    Is It Worth It? A Look at Layaway and Toy Reservations

    There’s little doubt Americans love their electronic devices. But questions remain over whether the affection for tablets and smartphones will ring up a happy holiday.

  • South Carolina Hack Attack Friday, 26 Oct 2012 | 7:45 PM ET
    South Carolina Hack Attack

    In a South Carolina hacker attack, 3.6 million social security numbers were exposed, along with 387,000 debit and credit card numbers. CNBC's Eamon Javers has the details.

  • Microsoft Shakes up Windows to Fend Off Competitors Thursday, 25 Oct 2012 | 11:15 PM ET
    Microsoft Shakes up  Windows to Fend off Competiors

    Brian Prentice, VP of Research at Gartner, talks about the shake-up of Microsoft's tried and tested operating system and explains how the company is fending off its competitors.

  • Talking Numbers: Tablet Wars Heat Up Monday, 22 Oct 2012 | 3:24 PM ET
    Talking Numbers: Tablet Wars Heat Up

    Shares of both Apple and Microsoft are down around 10 percent this month. Should investors buy or avoid the weakness? Carter Worth, Oppenheimer, and Zachary Karabell, Rivertwice Research share their opinions. (2:21)

  • Talking Numbers: Microsoft Sings Another Tune Monday, 15 Oct 2012 | 3:30 PM ET
    Talking Numbers: Microsoft Sings Another Tune

    Max Wolff, Greencrest Capital, and Carter Worth, Oppenheimer, chat about Microsoft's move into the music business and what it means for Apple.

  • Amazon CEO: Kindle Sold at A Cost Friday, 12 Oct 2012 | 2:41 PM ET
    Amazon CEO: Kindle Sold at A Cost

    Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos says that the company is not making money on the Kindle, but hopes to reel in profits on Kindle content like books and movies. CNBC's "Street Signs" crew and Rocky Agrwal, TechCrunch and VentureBeat contributor, discuss.

  • Tablet Wars Heat Up Friday, 12 Oct 2012 | 1:07 PM ET
    Tablet Wars Heat Up

    Apple is expected to unveil its Mini iPad at an October 23 event, and CNBC's Jon Fortt reports the company will have to include the product in its fiscal Q1 guidance.

  • Baxter Is Not Your Typical Robot Wednesday, 10 Oct 2012 | 12:26 PM ET
    Baxter Robot

    That may sound strange, but in a world where robots are becoming more common on assembly lines, in manufacturing plants and shipping centers, Baxter takes robotics to a new level.