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  • Treasury debt prices fell Tuesday as unexpectedly strong bank earnings ignited a stock market rally and eroded the safe-harbor appeal of government debt.

  • US Treasury debt prices surged in a scramble for safety stoked by investors' fears about the financial system following a fire sale deal for Bear Stearns and a cut in the Federal Reserve's discount rate.

  • U.S. Treasury debt prices climbed Friday after J.P. Morgan Chase and the New York Federal Reserve said they would be providing emergency funds for a troubled Bear Stearns.

  • US government bond prices extended losses after an auction of new 10-year notes attracted scant demand from both primary dealers and indirect bidders.

  • Treasury debt prices rose sharply on Wednesday, as U.S. stocks shed their earlier gains, with the S&P 500 index turning lower, burnishing government debt's safe-haven allure.

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    Jefferson County is teetering on the brink of bankruptcy after a series of exotic bond deals that the bankers concocted went wrong, and the interest on its debts, rather than shrinking as the bankers had promised, has ballooned like a bad subprime mortgage.

  • Treasury prices sold off sharply Tuesday after the Federal Reserve and other major central banks unveiled a plan to offer up to $200 billion in Treasurys to cash-starved financial institutions.

  • U.S. Treasury debt prices rose Monday amid lingering concern over the deteriorating credit market, bolstering speculation of an emergency interest rate cut from the Federal Reserve.

  • Treasurys were mildly higher Friday, after being buffeted by a complex mix of news developments, including heavy monthly job losses on the one hand and a generally successful stock sale by bond insurer Ambac Financial Group on the other.

  • Treasury prices Thursday rose in volatile trade on swirling fears about the credit and housing markets, tearing open interest-rate spreads as investors dumped mortgage-related debt and sought safety.

  • After Ambac's bailout went bust, what can possibly help the struggling financials?

  • US government bond prices shed gains and turned lower Wednesday after a stronger-than-expected reading of service sector activity.

  • Treasury debt prices rose in choppy trading Tuesday on renewed safe-haven bids spurred by a stock market sell-off and credit worries led by speculation of widening losses at Citigroup.

  • Treasury debt prices fell Monday, as manufacturing data that was not as dismal as some had feared tempered safe-haven bids, offsetting worries about a recession and troubles in the financial sector.

  • Treasury prices rose broadly Friday as investors sought safety from recession fears, knocking the yield on the two-year note down for the fourth consecutive day to the lowest since early 2004.

  • MBIA said Friday that it could face write-downs in the first quarter on its credit derivative positions, after further market weakness in the first two months of the quarter.

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    Municipal bonds are headed  for their worst month in over four years, but some experts think this may be a good time to buy.

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    It's been another volatile week in stock markets, but that doesn't mean there aren't plenty of investment opportunities out there. If you need advice on where to put your money or adjust your portfolio then look no further.

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    The portion of U.S. junk bonds trading at distressed levels rose to 16.9 percent in February, up from 11.1 percent in January in a sign that defaults are headed higher, Standard & Poor's said on Wednesday.

  • Treasury prices surged as investors scrambled for safety after signs the economy may be spiraling into a recession and fears that the housing sector has not yet hit bottom.