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  • Greece's power when it comes to debt

    How much power does Greece currently have over negotiating its debt? Elena Panaritis, economist at Thought 4 Action, says there are only two options: "default within euro," or "paying back the debt."

  • Greece fin min: Must end debt 'addiction'

    Yanis Varoufakis, the finance minister of Greece, and Michel Sapin, the finance minister of France, talk about the current state of Greece's debt.

  • Syriza can bark, but not bite

    Discussing Greek debt, Alberto Gallo, head of macro credit research at RBS, says a solution will be reached on a debt extension for Greece, however volatility will continue.

  • Radio Shack

    Salus Capital offered Radioshack $500 million in turnaround financing, Dow Jones reported Monday, citing sources close to the matter.

  • Marc Lasry

    Europe could be looking at a deflationary environment for the next five years, debt investor Marc Lasry tells CNBC.

  • Russia is among the worst hit by oil's decline, but clean living may keep government finances on an even keel. Its corporate debt may be another matter.

  • Italy: A further downgrade would be a problem

    S&P downgraded its rating on Italian debt down to 'BBB -'. Charles Diebel, head of Macro Strategy at Aviva Investors, says that unless there's a further downgrade, Italy doesn't need to worry.

  • Huge opportunity for distressed hedge funds: JPM's Casey

    CNBC's David Faber speaks to Jim Casey, JPMorgan global head of debt capital markets, about concern over oil prices stopping firms from paying off debt and causing a ripple effect in the market.

  • Radio Shack

    RadioShack rejected claims that it breached covenants on a $250 million term loan.

  • Sumurai bonds: Why banks might issue debt in yen

    Benedict Nielsen, head of primary debt markets for EMEA and Asia ex-Japan at Nomura, says that as banks are pushed to raise more capital, they will explore other markets to issue bonds, such as Japan.

  • Where is the high yield opportunity?

    Gershon Distenfeld, director of high yield debt at AllianceBernstein, discusses where he thinks the best opportunity is in the high yield space, but warns that a lack of liquidity in the sector keep him up at night.

  • Caesars Palace

    Caesars Entertainment proposed a restructure plan that would the debt of its largest unit into a real estate investment trust.

  • Bet on Petrobras' debt?

    CNBC's Michelle Caruso-Cabrera has the breakdown on the potential risks and rewards of betting on Petrobras.

  • EM debt: Look for countries cutting interest rates

    Bryan Carter, emerging market debt strategist at Acadian Asset Management, says he is looking for emerging and frontier markets that are cutting interest rates to invest in.

  • Warning signs from corporate debt

    CNBC's Finance Editor Jeff Cox discusses the corporate debt hike that has occurred since 2011 as well as its long-term impact on the economy.

  • New plans to clean up China's long-feared local government debt will bring near-term pain, but a longer-term fix may be in sight, analysts say.

  • Radio Shack

    RadioShack is evaluating a $585 million financing package led by UBS AG and hedge fund Standard General LP it tries to avert bankruptcy.

  • Small business

    U.S. small businesses boosted borrowing in July to its highest level in more than seven years.

  • Indian corporates have gone on a borrowing spree in international debt markets this year, a trend that's set to continue, say analysts.

  • BES bailout positive for bonds: Pro

    Benedict Nielsen, Benedict Nielsen, head of primary debt markets, EMEA and Asia ex-Japan at Nomura, says the bond market was "remarkably composed" after the bailout of troubled Portuguese lender Banco Espirito Santo.