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  • SAN FRANCISCO, Aug 29- Alphabet executive David Drummond, who has been a director on the Uber Technologies Inc board for close to three years, has stepped down, the ride-hailing firm confirmed on Monday. Drummond joined the board after Alphabet's venture capital arm GV in 2013 invested about $250 million in Uber, among the firm's largest investments and a deal in...

  • Rusal's profit slumped 70 percent in the first half of 2016, but the aluminum giant said tightening Chinese supply was helping stabilize metal prices.

  • Tim Cook's tenure

    Apple is the largest company by market cap today, soaring over 100 percent since CEO Tim Cook took over. But questions remain about Apple's future as sales decline and innovation lags peers like Facebook. Bernstein senior analyst Toni Sacconaghi weighs in on Cook's term at Apple.

  • Apple lacks 'vision' guy: Ed Lee

    We haven't seen evidence of the next game changing product, says Recode's Ed Lee, providing perspective to Tim Cook's leadership at Apple and weighing in on the tech giant's future.

  • Tim Cooks marks 5th anniversary at Apple

    CNBC's Josh Lipton takes a look at Tim Cook's record since he took the helm at Apple.

  • Aug 22- Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc named Zoetis Inc executive Paul Herendeen as its chief financial officer, replacing Robert Rosiello, the latest in a series of management changes at the Canadian drugmaker. Laval, Quebec- based Valeant tapped Perrigo Co Plc's Chief Executive, Joseph Papa, to replace long-time CEO Michael Pearson earlier this...

  • Which CEO is doing it right?

    Jeff Sonnenfeld, Yale School of Management, discusses corporate leadership and whether CEOs should be judged by stock performance, with the "FMHR" traders and Rob Sechan, UBS Private Wealth Management.

  • *Short sellers shifting focus from Chinese companies to Japan. *Citron's Cyberdyne attack is sixth ever on Japan company. HONG KONG, Aug 19- Short-sellers who made their names and fortunes wiping billions off Chinese and Southeast Asian companies are setting their sights on Japan after a series of accounting scandals amplified concerns about weak corporate...

  • Mercato: Buffalo Wild Wings must improve experience

    The "FMHR" traders discuss Mercato Capital Management's pressure on the corporate leadership at Buffalo Wild Wings.

  • Executive Edge: CEO confidence rising

    The "Squawk Box" news team discusses some of the morning's most provocative headlines, including the latest results from the YPO Global Pulse survey.

  • Access to insurance: LLY CEO

    John Lechleiter, Eli Lilly CEO, and David Ricks, incoming Eli Lilly CEO, dicusses the need to make changes around the Affordable Care Act.

  • Leadership change at Eli Lilly

    John Lechleiter, Eli Lilly CEO, and David Ricks, incoming Eli Lilly CEO talk about Eli Lilly's succession plan as the company launches a new chapter in its history.

  • Jonathan Thomas, CEO of American Century Investments.

    Public companies are under a level of pressure that makes it increasingly difficult for them to compete, American Century Investments' CEO says.

  • Buffett: Guidance could lead to malpractice

    Berkshire Hathaway's Warren Buffett explains why he doesn't think companies should have to provide guidance.

  • Warren Buffett

    Berkshire Hathaway's Warren Buffett discusses a new set of principles for effective corporate governance.

  • CNBC Pro: Warren Buffett

    Berkshire Hathaway's Warren Buffett discusses a new set of principles for effective corporate governance.

  • Common sense corporate practices

    Brian Rogers, T. Rowe Price chairman & CIO, discusses how a group of business leaders got together to create a new set of principles for effective corporate governance. A diverse board is a more productive board, says Price.

  • NEW YORK, July 20- Currency market fluctuations following Britain's vote to leave the European Union will hurt corporate results in the coming quarters, possibly resulting in a negative impact of as much as $35 billion to $40 billion, according to a report from FIREapps on Wednesday. FiREapps CEO Wolfgang Koester called Britain's June 23 decision to exit EU the...

  • Marc Benioff, chairman and chief executive officer of Salesforce.com Inc.

    Compensation for members serving on the corporate boards for 500 of the largest companies is highly competitive, USA Today reports.

  • Executive Edge: Trump & CEOs

    Rich Lesser, Boston Consulting Group, discusses the "frustration" some corporate leaders feel about about Donald Trump's economic agenda. Also Lesser shares his thoughts about the U.K's challenges after the Brexit vote.