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  • Bernanke Testifies to Congress on U.S. Monetary Policy

    Ben cut interest rates to zero, devised a zillion bowls of "alphabet soup" rescue programs as the Wall Street Journal put it, and bought every bond put out for bid and ballooned the Fed's balance sheet by trillions. Maybe it saved us from disaster, but we haven't seen the growth expected.

  • Stack of U.S. hundred-dollar bills

    S&P is  worried about "what you're going to get in terms of the payback is going to worth a lot less, Gundlach said. "But that is not their job."

  • Even as Standard & Poor's continued to issue ratings downgrades in the wake of its downgrade of the US, rival ratings agency Moody's reaffirmed the country's AAA status.

  • Businessman with crystal ball

    Now that Standard & Poor's has done the unthinkable, you need to know who might take the next ratings hit. Here's the list, and how to trade it.

  • downgrading_us_credit_rating_200.jpg

    Why isn’t the price of U.S. Treasurys falling after the S&P downgrade; why are equities under pressure; and why is gold surging? Developments in Treasurys appear, at first sight, the most puzzling.

  • Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) speaks during her weekly news conference at the US Capitol in Washington, DC.

    I hate to say it, but Nancy was right! I try to be apolitical. I think I succeed most of the time. Trashing both parties more or less equally allows me to stay balanced. So in that continuing effort to stay bland and uninteresting, I have to give mention to Nancy Pelosi who said a few weeks ago it might take a decline of hundreds of points in the market to get the Republicans attention.

  • Obama Addresses S&P Downgrade

    President Obama speaks out on the downgrade of U.S. debt, saying our problems do not stem from a lack of confidence in our credit, but rather our challenge is to control our deficits over the long term.

  • 080214_portfolio_tracker_badge.jpg

    Standard & Poor's has lowered its outlook on Berkshire Hathaway's debt from "stable" to "negative" but the revision isn't due to something Warren Buffett did or didn't do.

  • WOTS Now: Fitch & Moody's Next?

    The Fast Money traders weigh in on Bank of America; trade the downgrade, and wait on a possible downgrade from Moody's and Fitch, with Vincent Truglia, Granite Springs Asset Management.

  • Europe's Zone of Insolvency

    Insight into Europe's intractable financial problems and whether the bailout will cost Germany and France their AAA rating, with Kyle Bass.

  • Geithner's Take On A Double Dip

    CNBC's Mary Thompson has a market check and John Harwood has the details on Treasury Secretary Geithner's position on the economy.

  • Standard & Poor’s went ahead with its downgrade of the United States' long-term credit rating.

  • man_with_chart_200.jpg

    The downgrade of U.S. sovereign debt by Standard & Poor's has provoked a range of reaction, from faith in the democratic process to derision about the politicians whose wrangling prompted  S&P's action. S&P hasn't been immune from criticism either.

  • European Central Bank

    The European Central Bank decided it had to act over the weekend, but they could have taken bolder action by making a "drastic cut in interest rates" because they have a couple trillion euros as a backstop, Cramer said Monday.

  • capitol_building_sp_200.jpg

    This financial situation is no joke, but when times get tough, Americans cope by cracking wise.

  • Where is the Bottom?

    Insight on what investors should do and how to protect your portfolio, with James Paulsen, Wells Capital Management; Jim Lacamp, Macro Portfolio Wealth Management; Alan Valdes, DME Securities, and the CNBC news team.

  • investor_worried.jpg

    In the U.S., is it the fall of the Roman Empire or will our anemic growth pick up steam and help us out of the economic doldrums? Here are five questions to ask.

  • Debt Downgrade Impact on Banks

    Insight on the impact the debt downgrade will have on banks, with Fred Cannon, Keefe Bruyette & Woods director of research/chief equity strategist.

  • US President Barack Obama

    It’s as predictable as clockwork: Something terrible happens, a debate erupts over who is responsible, and soon we get Very Serious People telling us that the blame game is not what we need right now. Here's why they're wrong.

  • Barack Obama

    To be downgraded is a national disgrace. It comes about via a political battle that should never have been fought.