Cruise Inc.: Big Money on the High Seas

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CNBC takes you aboard a city at sea where passengers are enticed to spend big money…but can this fast growing segment of the travel industry navigate the rough seas of a slumping economy and stay afloat?

Correspondent Peter Greenberg takes you cruising for profits.

It's the ultimate exclusive look inside the $30-billion cruise industry. Correspondent Peter Greenberg spends seven days aboard the Norwegian Pearl, one of the newest in Norwegian Cruise Line's fleet. The 15-story floating city is a destination of its own. It's a hotel, a shopping mall, a casino and full-service spa — sailing the oceans of the world. And be prepared to spend on everything from oil paintings to Botox!

Big ships cost big money, and one misstep, whether it's bad weather, a late departure or even running short on beer, can mean the difference between profits and loss.

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  • Cruise Inc. - State of the Industry

    Cruising is about five percent of the overall vacation market and is the fastest growing segment of the travel industry.

  • Cruise Inc. - Chef Marco Galley Tour

    Chef Marco is the man behind 12,000 meals on the cruise ship Pearl.

  • Cruise Inc. - Making Money Onboard

    Follow the money trail onboard NCL's Pearl with Cruise Director Simon Murray.

  • Cruise Inc. - Safety and Security

    Onboard the Pearl, NCL is responsible for the safety and security of more than 4-thousand people.

  • Cruise Inc. - Family Vacation

    How the Centaro family from New Jersey spent their time and money onboard the "Pearl."

  • Cruise Inc. - Second City

    A floating version of Chicago's famed Comedy Troupe is headline entertainment on 6 of Norwegian's cruise ships.

  • Tour the 15-story Norwegian Pearl from top to bottom, without having to walk down the stairs.  Visit the "" website.

    Tour the 14-story Norwegian Pearl from top to bottom, without having to walk down the stairs.

  • Big ships cost big money, and cruise lines need you to spend and spend A LOT to try and turn a profit...  Cruise Inc. follows the money trail, onboard and off.Visit the "" website.

    From casinos to bars to a variety of other onboard offerings, Cruising Inc. follows the money trail to see how these money boats turn a profit.

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  • Peter Greenberg is one of America's most recognized, honored and respected travel experts.