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Crystal Kang

Crystal Kang


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    If you think of college students as impulsive, you may need to rethink your view, at least when it comes to making back-to-school purchases. It seems, they are doing their homework. Faced with a limited back-to-school budget, college students are putting the bulk of their dollars toward must-have electronics items, even if that means scrimping in other areas.

  • Chico's Live Chat

    Online shoppers are like nomads visiting multiple Web sites before making a purchasing decision. Studies show retail Web sites that offer superior customer service, including live help tools, see high customer satisfaction. Just how successful is live help?

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    In a store, sales clerks can serve customers' needs when they see there's a need, or greet them when they walk in the door, but online it's a more difficult task. What works better when it comes to live help on a Web site?

  • Research in Motion dispatches its first-quarter earnings Thursday after the bell. Mike Abramsky, RBC Capital Markets analyst, shared his optimism about RIM's survival in the consumer market.