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Daryl Guppy


Daryl Guppy is an independent technical analyst who appears frequently on CNBC Asia. He runs training, analysis and resource workshops for retail and professional financial market traders involved in stocks, CFDs, warrants, derivatives, futures and commodities in China, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia. He has his own trading company, guppytraders.com.


  • Euro-Dollar Will Weaken Further to $1.25: Charts Tuesday, 30 Mar 2010 | 2:53 AM ET

    The euro currency is set to fall further against the U.S. dollar, given the economic problems in the Euro zone, and the greenback's status as the current 'bully' among the key currencies, said technical chartist Daryl Guppy of Guppytraders.com.

  • Markets Always Rise Over Time? It's a Myth: Chartist Wednesday, 24 Mar 2010 | 2:20 AM ET

    One of the most dangerous market myths is that the market always rises over time. To many investors, this underscores the buy-and-hold strategy. Just buy-and-hold and the market will bring you a windfall eventually. Right? Wrong. Unfortunately, this is a pure myth and simply untrue.

  • Oil Prices Could Reach $98 by Year End: Charts Wednesday, 17 Mar 2010 | 1:13 AM ET
    GUPPY OIL.jpg

    Oil prices are poised to rise higher, but be ready to stomach volatility.

Charting Asia with Daryl Guppy

  • Trader on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

    Despite doomsayers' predictions that the S&P 500 index will collapse, the charts still don't support those warnings.

  • The euro zone is under pressure, the Shanghai Index is falling and US rates will rise. But despite these factors, gold continues to move sideways.

  • Shanghai Stock Exchange

    Four key features of the Shanghai Composite have exacerbated its plunge, pushing it toward the consolidation area between 3000 and 3400.

  • There is to be a big change in the direction of China's Shanghai Composite Index, with a high probability the market will find support at 3400 points.

  • Daryl Guppy is an independent technical analyst who appears frequently on CNBC Asia.

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