Special Reports Davos - World Economic Forum


  • Recovering from the financial crisis

    Recovering from the financial crisis Who recovered best from the financial crisis: Europe or the United States? Key business and financial leaders debate.

  • The rise of the fourth industrial revolution

    The “fourth industrial revolution” will have the biggest impact on the labor market, says Philip Jennings, UNI Global Union’s general secretary.

  • OPEC still plays key role: UAE energy min

    UAE’s energy minister, Suhail Mohamed Faraj Al Mazrouei says there’s an oversupply in the oil market, adding that the current price in the commodity is unsustainable.

  • Eradicating HIV from the planet: (RED) CEO

    CNBC talks to (RED)'s CEO, Deborah Dugan.

  • Eradicating HIV from the planet: (RED) CEO

    (RED)’s CEO, Deborah Dugan explains how HIV can be eradicated by 2030 with the right strategy, while discussing the charity’s current projects.

  • Highlights from Davos

    The "Squawk Box" crew share a recap of their week at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland where they spoke to an number of legendary investors and top CEOs.

  • We are doing our homework: Italy fin min

    Pier Carlo Padoan, minister of economy and finance for Italy, says reforms in his country are beginning to bear fruit and improve the jobs market and will soon announce new reforms to the banking system.

  • How healthy is Spain's banking system?

    Francisco González, chairman and CEO of BBVA, says the Spanish banking system is working better as a result of some banks being scrapped, but low inflation and low interest rates are a problem for Europe.

  • US response to crisis better than EU: Italy fin min

    Italy’s minister of economy and finance, Pier Carlo Padoan, explains why Europe could still be looking for an efficient transmission system of macro and monetary policies.

  • Cisco invests big in cybersecurity

    The company says governments and businesses are worrying more about the threat of data breaches.

  • Europe leaders: One goal for 2016

    At CNBC’s “Rebuilding Europe’s Financial Confidence” debate, key financial and business leaders discuss their one hope or goal for 2016.

  • Hope the UK stays in EU: ECB’s Coeuré

    Member of the Executive Board at the European Central Bank, Benoît Coeuré, discusses the possibility of a “Brexit” from the European Union.

  • Banks are facing an 'Uber' moment: UBS' Weber

    Are banks facing their ‘uber’ moment? Axel A. Weber, UBS Group chairman and BBVA’s chairman and CEO, Francisco González, weigh in.

  • Who won the Europe’s Finance debate?

    Who won the CNBC hosted debate on “Rebuilding Europe’s Financial Confidence”?

  • Market are not right or wrong: ECB's Coeuré

    Benoît Coeuré, member of the executive board of the European Central Bank, says markets have their own business interests and the ECB's needs clarity on structural and regulatory framework.

  • Restoring Europe’s ‘fragile’ banking system

    What one suggestion would you make to restore the confidence of Europe’s banking system? Key business and financial leaders tell CNBC their thoughts.

  • There's a limit to what ECB can achieve: UBS

    Axel A. Weber, chairman of UBS, says monetary policy has run its course and central banks are tempting fate by making interest rates more negative.

  • What's in store for Europe in 2016? Experts tell us what they think from the World Economic Forum in Davos.

  • Sales at food retailer Ahold rise 21%

    Dick Boer, CEO of Ahold, discusses his company's strong fourth quarter which saw sales rise by 21 percent and talks about the U.S. consumer.

  • Coffee consumption is growing: Illy CEO

    Despite El Nino, climate change and other factors impacting coffee prices, Illy’s chairman & CEO, Andrea Illy, remains confident that coffee demand is on the rise.