Defense Defense Contractors

  • Raytheon headquarters in Waltham, MA

    Raytheon has been removed from its lead role overseeing the £750m project to provide a secure border control system for the UK after the British government said it had “no confidence” in the US defense and security company. The FT reports.

  • Boeing Headquarters

    When Argon ST, a defense contractor, was first for sale there was ample time for plenty of takeover stock investors to get involved on hopes that a knock-out bid would emerge for the company. Sure enough, it did.

  • A Boeing 787 Dreamliner lands after its long-waited first flight.

    After years of planning, waiting, and yes, delaying some of the most important programs in its history, 2010 is the year when Boeing will see if it can finally deliver.

  • Lockheed Martin's F-35 making its maiden flight on April 20, 2010 in Fort Worth, Texas

    Lockheed Martin reported better than expected earnings Wednesday, if you take out new health care costs. However, one of the biggest questions facing the defense giant is the future of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.

  • Who knew a defense company could be hip? All those guys with slide rules and pocket protectors. I know, I know. It's not like that anymore. Well, not so much.

  • Defense contractor Raytheon's board on Wednesday raised its annual dividend by 21 percent to $1.50 and authorized a repurchase of up to $2 billion in stock.

  • A number of stocks could work, but these are the best.

  • Over the years I’ve traveled on many field assignments, met CEOs of the biggest companies on earth, and powerful world leaders. In the past I’ve been humbled by some of these experiences. But last week I had one of the most truly humbling and eye-opening experiences of my life, and it had nothing to do with meeting an executive or a member of royalty. It was the men and women of The United States Navy.

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    That depends on how the CEO answered Cramer’s questions. Get the full interview right here.

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    Just look at the quarters, Cramer says.

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    These companies make big bucks picking bad guys out of a crowd.

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    Check out the latest addition to Cramer's homeland-security portfolio.

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    You wouldn’t catch 007 using this equipment, but it’s proved to be crucial in modern-day warfare.

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    This company’s eyes and ears are keeping some of the world’s most recognizable landmarks safe.

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    Protecting the national interest is big business. Here’s how you play it.

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    Here is one of Cramer’s favorites.

  • Goldman Sachs today removed Northrop Grumman from its Conviction Sell list and upgraded it to...Sell. What is THAT supposed to mean?

  • The new proposed bid requests aren't even out yet for the Air Force's refueling tanker, but you can already bet on a protest if the $35 billion contract once again goes to Northrop Grumman/EADS.

  • A late rally pushed stocks higher Tuesday following better-than-expected earnings from several Dow components. The Dow logged its seventh-straight gain, the Nasdaq, it's tenth.

  • The Dow advanced Tuesday as a slew of components beat earnings expectations. But there were pockets of weakness throughout the market, including chips, hardware, banks and retail. The Nasdaq was lower.