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  • China-Japan island dispute: Is it worrying? Friday, 29 Nov 2013 | 11:35 AM ET
    China-Japan island dispute: Is it worrying?

    Edward Hunt, senior defense consultant at IHS Jane's, discusses escalating tensions between Japan and China over an island dispute.

  • China's new 'strategic space' tests US and allies Friday, 29 Nov 2013 | 10:22 AM ET
    A U.S. B-52 bomber

    Beijing is now confronting strategic assumptions that have governed the Western Pacific region since World War Two.

  • China sends military jets into disputed air space Thursday, 28 Nov 2013 | 8:15 PM ET
    China sends military jets into disputed air space

    The hottest spot in the East China Sea appears to be a bunch of uninhabited islands. CNBC's Bernie Lo and Deirdre Wang Morris discuss Beijing's latest move to send fighter jets into the area.

  • Goodbye, old guard: Defense mergers may be coming Thursday, 28 Nov 2013 | 1:01 PM ET
    A General Dynamics (Lockheed Martin) F-16 Fighting Falcon undergoes testing in the United States prior to delivery to the Pakistan Air Force.

    The Pentagon faces the retirement of its de facto chief operating officer, and his exit could have a big impact on the defense industry.

  • Lockheed Martin to cut 4,000 jobs Thursday, 14 Nov 2013 | 1:12 PM ET
    Lockheed Martin to cut 4,000 jobs

    Lockheed Martin announced major job cuts around the U.S. CNBC's Jane Wells reports Lockheed's CEO Marillyn Hewson regrets facility closings and layoffs.

  • Lockheed cuts 4,000 jobs as US govt spending wanes Thursday, 14 Nov 2013 | 9:28 AM ET

    Defense contractor Lockheed Martin said it plans to cut 4,000 jobs, or more than 3 percent of its workforce, to cope with declines in U.S. spending.

  • Pentagon hits major milestone Thursday, 31 Oct 2013 | 1:37 PM ET
    Pentagon hits major milestone

    CNBC's Jane Wells reports that or the first time an F-35 dropped a 500 pound laser guided bomb and successfully connected with its target on the ground.

  • Changing the nature of warfare—a goggle at a time Sunday, 27 Oct 2013 | 3:00 PM ET

    One defense contractor is betting on high-tech solutions to help improve military intelligence in a world where less money will be spent on bullets.

  • Fed increases security Friday, 25 Oct 2013 | 7:25 PM ET
    Fed increases security

    The Fed is putting additional controls on its media security procedures, reports CNBC's Seema Mody. Also, Boeing and Lockheed Martin are teaming up on a new contract.

  • Difficult time in defense business: Bae Systems CEO Friday, 25 Oct 2013 | 4:38 PM ET
    Difficult time in defense business: Bae Systems CEO

    Due to the uncertainties in Washington, it is a difficult time for the defense business, says Linda Hudson, Bae Systems CEO. She says 1,200 workers were out of work due to the shutdown and shifting Bae System's portfolio into military equipment and high tech electronics.

  • Nuclear officers caught leaving blast door open Tuesday, 22 Oct 2013 | 4:37 PM ET
    This 1997 photo shows an Air Force missile crew commander standing at the door of his launch capsule 100 feet underground in Colorado, where he and his partner are responsible for 10 nuclear-armed ICBM's

    Air Force officers have been caught leaving open a blast door that is intended to help prevent intruders from entering their underground command post.

  • Defense stocks on fire Monday, 21 Oct 2013 | 1:29 PM ET
    Defense stocks on fire

    CNBC's Tyler Mathisen and Dominic Chu discuss what defense stocks could be market outperformers in the upcoming quarter.

  • China’s arms industry makes global inroads Sunday, 20 Oct 2013 | 11:07 PM ET

    Turkey's military always relied on NATO-supplied Patriot missiles, but its selection of Chinese defense company stunned the military establishment.

  • Obamacare's business impact Monday, 7 Oct 2013 | 7:47 PM ET
    Obamacare's business impact

    Former Michigan Governor John Engler shares his opinions on why businesses in the Business Roundtable have slowed hiring, and the impact to their supply chains.

  • Happy to delay mandate: Engler Monday, 7 Oct 2013 | 7:46 PM ET
    Happy to delay mandate: Engler

    Former Michigan Governor John Engler discusses the challenges he sees in the implementation of Obamacare.

  • Shutdown hurting economy? Monday, 7 Oct 2013 | 7:44 PM ET
    Shutdown hurting economy?

    Former Michigan Governor John Engler discusses the toll the government shutdown is having on the economy, and how it's affecting confidence in government.

  • Pentagon's $5.5 billion shutdown spending spree Thursday, 3 Oct 2013 | 3:52 PM ET
    Just before the government shutdown, the Pentagon spent $139 million on sonar for some of its destroyers, part of $5.5 billion in last-minute spending.

    Just hours before Congress shut down the federal government, the Pentagon quietly went on a shopping spree and spent billions.

  • NATO's Turkey looks to China for missile purchase Thursday, 3 Oct 2013 | 1:23 PM ET

    Doing a deal with the Chinese rather than with Europe or the U.S. has multiple advantages for Turkey, experts said.

  • Defense firms soldier on despite empty Pentagon Tuesday, 1 Oct 2013 | 9:39 AM ET
    Lockheed Martin's F-35.

    The government shutdown will have an immediate impact on workers at the Pentagon. But for the defense contractors? No big deal right now.

  • Why FM traders like Boeing & Lockheed Monday, 30 Sep 2013 | 5:41 PM ET
    Why FM traders like Boeing & Lockheed

    Despite sequestration, defense contractor stocks remain near all-time highs, reports CNBC's Jane Wells. FM trader Steve Grasso says Lockheed is his favorite, and Pete Najarian likes Boeing.

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