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    A year ago, President Obama and the Democrats made the mistake of assuming that an economic recovery was under way. This week’s deal to extend the Bush tax cuts shows that the White House’s top priority is avoiding the same mistake again — even if it has to upset many fellow Democrats in the process. The New York Times reports.

  • Even when we get good news, the news is set on knocking it down.

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    Responding to an article entitled “Down and Out on $250,000 a Year," David Callahan, a senior fellow at the nonpartisan public-policy advocacy organization Demos, told CNBC Tuesday that most Americans would never see that kind of money and said "why should we worry about them anyway."

  • The addition of a payroll tax cut to the compromise may signal a shift by the White House toward supply-side economics.

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    A broad tax plan rolled out by President Obama Monday evening would temporarily lower tax rates for Americans at every income level, while also reducing the tax liabilities of small businesses and corporations alike.

  • "Fast Money" traders Brian Kelly and Tim Seymour identify under-the-radar sectors likely to benefit from the tax compromise.

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    The best that can be said about this potential compromise is that the US avoided disaster by averting a massive tax hike during a weak economic recovery.

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    President Obama announced a broad "framework" with Republicans that would extend all Bush-era tax cuts for two years, keep the dividend and capital gains tax at 15 percent and temporarily cut payroll and Social Security taxes.

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    President Barack Obama met with Democratic congressional leaders at the White House on Monday, eager to seal a year-end bipartisan agreement to extend expiring tax cuts to all Americans and renew jobless benefits for the long-term unemployed.

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    Interest rates are flat, TARP pays for itself and the Euro holds steady.

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    Democrats are engineering a showdown in the Senate over tax cuts Saturday in an attempt to depict Republicans as guardians of the rich and gain an edge for the 2012 elections.

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    Economic growth will be subpar, the jobless rate drifts lower, deflation remains a concern, deficit reduction goes nowhere and heads roll in Washington.

  • America's "Number 1 domestic problem," the federal deficit, took center stage on Wednesday morning as President Obama's bipartisan deficit commission released its findings. Some members of the 18-member bipartisan deficit commission, appearing on CNBC Wednesday, weighed in with their thoughts. To read the full report,

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    You may want low tax rates to continue, but waiting too long to find out if that's really going to happen could have important consequences for your retirement savings.

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    Unless Congress hammers out an agreement on extending a whole range of tax breaks beyond this year, many Americans will find it more expensive to be married, have a child, send them to college or buy an energy-efficient car.

  • Soda

    As Congress considers new ways to cut spending, here's one idea health advocates are pushing: prevent people on food stamps from using benefits to buy sweetened sodas.

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    Bill Clinton could sniff the political winds better than most 20th-Century politicians...President Obama is much more committed to his ideological slant, but that won't help his dream if he is a one-term President.

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    Trimming the federal budget deficit ultimately means tough choices. And to get an idea just how tough, we printed out the entire federal budget—43,000 pages in all. It stands 16 feet tall. Cutting it down to size will be an enormous task.

  • National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform co-chairmen Erskine Bowles, and Alan Simpson.

    A commission to balance the US budget will deliver its final deficit-cutting plan on Wednesday but delay a vote until Friday, reflecting sharp divisions within the bi-partisan panel.

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    After decades of overspending, Americans seem to be finally understanding that trillion dollar deficits have long-term consequences and must be addressed.