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  • Nancy Pelosi

    With all the perks of the job, Speakers of the House tend to leave office in defeat or disgrace—or both.

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    Historically, midterm elections provide a boost to the market and economy regardless of the outcome. Brian Belski, Chief Investment Strategist at Oppenheimer Asset Management said that’s because anything is better than “gridlock.”

  • Nearly two years after helping spark the Tea Party movement, CNBC's Rick Santelli looks at its effec on American politics and reflects on the impact of  his televised rant.

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    "The debt is growing at twice the rate if GDP and we're going into a new Congress that'll be totally stalemated. It'll be rancorous, it'll be partisan and it'll be all oriented to the 2012 elections," David Stockman, former OMB director under President Reagan, told CNBC on Tuesday.

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    "Many people claim they are still undecided on how they will vote," writes the website's authors. "These people are filthy liars. Deep down, you all know what you're going to do, so don't waste our time. Just take a look at this handy flowchart and see for yourself how predictable you really are."

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    Some Republicans worry that a unified Republican House and Senate will bear some of the brunt of voter anger about unemployment—anger that’s now almost entirely focused on the Obama administration.

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    Self-financed candidates usually don’t win. Over the past decade, only 11 percent of self-financed statewide candidates have won election, according to the National Institute on Money in State Politics.

  • Ballot Box

    History suggests that the expected big bang of the 2010 election  may well end up reverberating loudly through our politics for a long time to come. The New York Times reports.

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    I’ve lived through many presidential and mid-term elections, and I don’t recall seeing this level of anguish, frustration, and outright anger from the American people. We’re in unchartered territory.

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    This White House failed to appreciate the true mess they inherited and instead focused its energy on exploiting the financial crisis to further its redistributionist mission to transfer money from the haves to the have-nots, i.e. from the productive side of the economy to the unproductive side of the economy.

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    After you cast your ballot, stop for a moment and think about what your next investment move should be for post-election and 2011. Here are a few sector ideas to consider.

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    The expected prospect of a Republican takeover of the House, and possibly the Senate, would be welcomed by the banks, who want a break from the regulatory push, the New York Times reports.

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    The expected Republican upset at the voting booth today is bound to leave many inside the Beltway confused. What on earth do the American people want? After all, just two years ago they threw out the Republicans, and now they are throwing out the Democrats.

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    Will the economy rebound significantly by the next presidential election? Share your opinion.

  • Rand Paul

    Rand Paul, Republican candidate for Senate from Kentucky and Tea Party leader, called for the automatic sunsetting of federal regulations, unless they are approved by Congress.

  • Republicans are poised for enormous gains in Tuesday’s midterm elections, and Douglas Holtz-Eakin, former chief economic policy adviser to John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign, told CNBC the political gridlock expected to follow will be good for the economy.

  • Uncle Sam taking money out of your wallet

    For candidates  to deliver on their promises to cut government spending and reduce the budget deficit, they will have to make potentially painful cuts. If given a limited choice, where would you wield the axe? Take our poll and tell us your opinion.

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    The head of a conservative citizens organization and the editor of a news website squared off on CNBC Monday over whether a television commercial that offers a chilling view of the United States' future is playing partisan politics.

  • What's Next?

    Will the economy rebound significantly by the next presidential election in 2012? Share your opinion by taking our poll.

  • California Flag

    Change is coming. People are angry. The Republicans are energized. They will rise up Tuesday and gain power. Or so we're told. But not in California. Or so we're told.