Multiline Retail Department Stores

  • NEW YORK, Aug 5- A U.S. stock market that rose again to record highs on Friday on the back of a robust employment report will take its cues next week from a facet of the economy that also has shown signs of strength: the consumer. Quarterly earnings reports from department store operators including Macy's, luxury goods companies such as Michael Kors and...

  • Kate Spade bags on sale at Macy's in New York.

    Sellers should revise inventory strategy and avoid relying so much on department stores, said some analysts on CNBC's "Power Lunch."

  • Allen Questrom

    The narrative that "everybody shops online so who needs physical stores" is dangerous to retailing, former department store exec Allen Questrom warns.

  • Walmart tops, shares surge

    Michael Lasser, UBS analyst and Daniel Binder, Jefferies analyst discuss Wal-Mart's sales after the company reported strong earnings and better U.S. sales.

  • Merchants of debt

    Larry McDonald, ACG Analytics head of global macro strategy, discusses the retail space.

  • These co-founders want to solve retails problem

    Hillary Kerr and Katherine Power, Co-founders of Clique Media Group, discuss how to improve the retail space and how to improve the experience for millennials.

  • What's ahead for malls

    Nate Forbes, Managing Partner at The Forbes Company, discusses the pain in the retail sector and the future of the shopping mall.

  • Retail's rocky road

    Discussing troubling climate in traditional retail and how online shopping is changing the market with Evan Clark, Women's Wear Daily Deputy Managing Editor; Herb Greenberg, Pacific Square Research Partner; and CNBC's Steve Liesman.

  • Why you should be bullish Nordstrom: Analyst

    Ed Yruma, Keybanc Capital Markets, discusses his bullish view on Nordstrom as he remains overweight the stock.

  • Death of the shopping mall?

    Marc Halle, Head of Global Real Estate Securites at Prudential Real Estate Investors, discusses the health of malls and the retail sector as well as his REIT outlook.

  • Where is the 'great' American consumer?

    Discussing the state of the retail sector and the health of the American consumer with Nicholas Colas, Convergex Chief Market Strategist; Charles Koppelman, CEO of CAK Entertainment; and CNBC's Steve Liesman.

  • No relief for department stores

    CNBC's Courtney Reagan reports on retail's crummy quarter.

  • Macy's and the retail pain

    Rick Snyder, Miller Tabak Senior Retail Analyst, looks at Macy's earnings and the other retail players hurting in the space.

  • A shopper at a Kohl's store in Jersey City, NJ.

    Michael Gould, Former Bloomingdale's CEO, and Mark Cohen, Former Sears Canada CEO, discuss the retail sector and what consumers are actually spending their money on.

  • No love for department stores?

    CNBC's Courtney Regan reports on the anxiety surrounding earnings from department store and retail names.

  • Department store slump

    CNBC's Courtney Reagan reports on the troubles facing department stores.

  • Sears shuttering more stores

    The department store chain will close 68 Kmart locations and 10 Sears stores in late July.

  • Are we at peak athleisure?

    As new players like Beyonce enter the athletic apparel space to challenge the likes of Lululemon, have we reached a saturation point for the "athleisure" trend? Jan Rogers Kniffen, founder of J. Rogers Kniffen Worldwide Enterprises and former Macy's executive, and Liz Dunn, Talmage Advisors founder & CEO and former Gap Inc. executive, discuss the trend.

  • Sears investor sells 700K shares

    Bruce Berkowitz's Fairholme Capital sold 706,600 shares since the beginning of March.

  • Sears fading away to benefit J.C. Penney: Pro

    Discussing J.C. Penney's turnaround in the retail sector, and what would happen if long-time rival Sears were to completely shut up shop, with Jan Kniffen, CEO of J Rogers Kniffen WWE.