Top News & Analysis Detroit

  • Battle of Detroit, Chicago next?

    A Federal judge approved the expedited hearing for Detroit's bankruptcy case, reports CNBC's Scott Cohn. Also, a look at the likelihood the same thing could happen in Chicago, with Phil Rosenthal of the Chicago Tribune.

  • Can art save Detroit?

    The art owned by Detroit is estimated to be worth at least $1 billion, reports CNBC's Robert Frank. Talk of a sale has sparked outrage from cultural groups.

  • The fated glory of Detroit: an abandoned building on the outskirts of Motor City

    As Detroit files for bankruptcy, one of the most prominent players in the city's real estate market said there remains strong demand - it just depends on where you look.

  • Judge approves expedited hearing in Detroit bankruptcy

    A Federal Judge in Detroit has granted an expedited hearing on the city's bankruptcy, reports CNBC's Scott Cohn.

  • Detroit real estate market picks up

    Daniel Stern of Lormax Stern Development discusses the improvement in Detroit real estate and the impact of the city's bankruptcy on services.

  • Turning Detroit around

    Sandy Baruah, CEO, Detroit Chamber of Commerce, discusses what the city can do to draw businesses and keep the ones already there.

  • The skyline of Detroit

    Detroit must dig itself out of the hole it created and cannot wait to see if the federal government will come to its rescue, the city's emergency manager said on Sunday.

  • The skyline of Detroit

    A ruling in state court raised questions about whether Detroit's bankruptcy will stand up to court review.

  • Roth: Against a bailout for Detroit

    Carol Roth, the author of "The Entrepreneur Equation," discusses whether Detroit's bankruptcy is a warning sign for other cities; and Lanny Davis, author of "Crisis Tales"; Jennifer Stefano, Americans for Prosperity PA state director; and Mark Simone, WOR Radio talk show host, weigh in.

  • Detail from Van Gogh self portrait

    Detroit's bankruptcy cites more than $18 billion in debts, but the city has one asset that could help its balance sheet considerably: its art collection.

  • Detroit needs this bankruptcy: Langton

    Detroit Mayor Dave Bing says it is unlikely President Obama will bail out the city. Charlie Langton, Langton Law partner, believes the city will get a bailout, while Carol Roth, author of "The Entrepreneur Equation, is against it."

  • The fated glory of Detroit: an abandoned building on the outskirts of Motor City

    As Detroit faces the largest municipal bankruptcy in American history, Mayor David Bing on Friday said it's unlikely Washington will come to the rescue with a bailout.

  • Detroit Mayor: We can't cut our way back

    Detroit Mayor and NBA legend Dave Bing discusses the efforts his staff is taking to help those who still live and work in Detroit, reduce the city's debt and how they plan on working within bankruptcy to get back to prosperity.

  • Detroit's effect on muni bonds?

    Discussing the impact Detroit's bankruptcy is having on municipal bonds, with Alexandra Lebenthal & Co.

  • Motor city breakdown

    WDIV Detroit business editor Rod Meloni discusses the many causes for Detroit's bankruptcy. "This city is built on the old General Motors business model," says Meloni. It didn't work for GM, either.

  • Detroit AFL-CIO Pres. defends unions

    CNBC's Brian Sullivan recaps how Detroit got to bankruptcy. Detroit Blight Authority founder, discusses his efforts to clean up Detroit. And Metro Detroit AFL-CIO president Chris Michalakis speaks about unemployment and the fight between labor unions and creditors in the city to get what they were promised.

  • Detroit's bankruptcy filing brings into sharp focus the decades-long decline of the once prosperous hub of American manufacturing. Here's what's next.

  • Muni bonds safe?

    Detroit's bankruptcy is highlighting some of the risks with municipal bonds. Katie Nixon, Northern Trust Wealth Management, explains why her firm is bullish on developed nations outside of the U.S. and downgraded its outlook for emerging markets. "The general health of the muni bond market remains very high," she says.

  • Detroit street scene

    Detroit has become a pariah of the muni world, but analysts are holding out hope that the nation's largest government bankruptcy isn't contagious.

  • Opportunity in Detroit?

    Detroit filed the largest municipal bankruptcy in U.S. history Thursday. CNBC's Kayla Tausche reports on the city's bondholders, and Robert Frank discusses how some see an opportunity. Benjamin Thompson of Samson Capital Advisors weighs in on whether muni bonds are safe.