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  • NEW YORK, Sept 21- In the days after the redesigned SAT college entrance exam was given for the first time in March, some test-takers headed to the popular website reddit to share a frustration. The math itself wasn't the problem, said Vicki Wood, who develops courses for PowerScore, a South Carolina- based test preparation company. When it decided to redesign the SAT,...

  • LONDON/ SHANGHAI/ SEOUL, Sept 7- Standardized testing giant ACT Inc continues to partner with Asian test-preparation operators, despite widespread cheating at overseas education centers it licenses. In the past year, ACT Inc has also licensed a Chinese company to operate an " ACT Club" to promote the test in China. According to its website, ACT Club has an exclusive...

  • GREGOIRE LAKE, Alberta, May 6- An indoor security camera gave the world a haunting five-minute glimpse of one of the worst wildfires in Canadian history as it roared through a living room in Fort McMurray and the homeowner watched it burn on his mobile phone. The video from a fixed camera in James O'Reilly's home began with a seemingly serene shot of red walls, a...

  • A display of flat-panel televisions at a Best Buy in San Francisco.

    For the price of a Super Bowl ticket, you could end up with a top-of-the-line set that'll last several NFL seasons.

  • Payday loans cost the U.S. economy nearly $1 billion and thousands of jobs in 2011, while borrowers often face bankruptcy, according to a new report.

  • You can now get a taxi in the Big Apple using an app, and you'll soon be able to pay for your ride with a smartphone.

  • Martin Mayorga

    Being socially and environmentally responsible does not have to be achieved at the expense of profits. In Mayorga Coffee's case, focusing on sustainability has been a competitive advantage.

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    Taiwan's columbaria products and funeral services provider Lung Yen Life Service, which recently invested $40 million to set up a subsidiary in China, has an analyst bullish on its future earning prospects.