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  • Gold

    Gold is at an all-time high, and economists and investors are taking notice. Some say the higher gold is, the more it shows there's a general lack of confidence in the markets. We want to know what you think. Are you better off in gold or the S&P over the next three months? Share your opinion in our poll.

  • The market had plenty of reasons to rally but the bulls just couldn’t keep it together and by the close the Dow surrendered a triple digit gain.

  • Ben Bernanke

    As Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke testifies before the US House's budget committee, he'll be speaking about the currenct economic and financial conditions in the United States. Do you think Bernanke's policies are good for your money? Share your opinion in our poll.

  • Gold Bars

    Investors looking for clues about the markets cannot help but notice that gold is making another record high and that stocks are continuing to struggle.

  • Some have their concerns, but Cramer thinks the negativity is overblown.

  • Stock Chart

    Clearly the market is rocky right now. We're down more than 13 percent from the April 23rd high. Today, we want to know if you are investing in the market this month through stocks, ETFs or mutual funds. Share your opinion in our poll.

  • drug_prices_sm.jpg

    Sales of a vaccine for late-stage prostate cancer, Dendreon’s Provenge, are expected to reach $1 billion in the first two years, analysts have predicted. This drug, one of several being showcased at the American Society of Clinical Oncologists meeting, represent a trend in which drugs treat a subgroup of cancer sufferers within the larger disease.

  • Businessman

    There's oil in the Gulf. Markets are tanking.  Unemployment remains high. The US is engaged in two wars and there are other trouble spotsw intensifying. Today, we want to know if you think the United States is in a rut. Share your opinion in our poll.

  • US stocks ended the week down almost 1.7% or greater, marking the worst June weekly debut since 2008 when the Dow lost -3.39%, the S&P fell -2.83%, and the NASDAQ declined -1.91% in the first week of June.

  • Cramer identifies some of the best high-yielding stocks at discount prices.

  • The latest overall job loss numbers showed a gain of 431,000 jobs in May and an unemployment rate falling to 9.7% from 9.9% in April.  Here is a breakdown of where the job losses were as well as which sectors were adding jobs.

  • With S&P stalling at 1105, Guy Adami fears what was once support becomes resistance.

  • car_dash_GPS_140.jpg

    There are more tech gadgets available than ever before, and many of them are going into your car's dashboard. Should they? Share your opinion in our poll.

  • Uncertain markets created by the Europe's debt crisis and pending financial regulatory reform is driving stock prices down to levels that are tempting analysts.

  • The Mad Money host remains cautious of a European collapse, but still wants you to stay in the game.

  • stocks_05.jpg

    Governments and market regulators should resist public and political pressure to introduce knee-jerk regulation in the wake of the May 6 flash crash, London Stock Exchange CEO Xavier Rolet told CNBC Tuesday.

  • Crisis in the Gulf

    As effort after effort to stop the giant leak in the Gulf of Mexico fail, we want to know where you think BP will stand one year from now. Share your opinion in our poll.

  • New York Stock Exchange

    After the worst May for the Dow Jones index since 1940, fueled by fears over Europe’s debt crisis, concerns over Chinese tightening and financial regulation, some were hoping for a better June.

  • On a week that saw Apple surpass Microsoft in market cap, the BP oil spill continue to impact the ecosystem and drillers, Spain lose its AAA rating, and the worst May performance for the Dow since 1940, and the S&P since 1962, the major indexes managed to end the week on a positive note, except for the Dow which closed down slightly.

  • multitasking_bsuinessman_1_140.jpg

    Technology connects us, makes us more efficient and enhances the way we do business, but are we at risk of information overload? And what are the repercussions of so much data readily available and flowing at the speed of light? CNBC is taking America's pulse on the hot-button issues surrounding the future of technology. Share your opinion on these issues by taking our poll.