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  • Multiples don't fall off until 'real inflation': Larry Robbins

    Larry Robbins, Glenview Capital Management, discusses his firm's eye on cheaper companies, and the low interest rate impact on the market.

  • Goldman's Beinner: Take advantage of muni stress

    "Don't load up on just taking long-term interest rate risk," explains Jonathan Beinner, Goldman Sachs Asset Management.

  • Goldman's bond guru: Do think rates go higher

    When the Fed may begin to taper its QE policies, and how it will move the 10-year, with Jonathan Beinner, Goldman Sachs Asset Management. Beinner says "interest rates are likely to go higher in the long end."

  • Hope Yellen is confirmed: Fed's Lockhart

    Atlanta Federal Reserve president Dennis Lockhart says he "certainly hopes Janet Yellen is confirmed" for Fed Chair. He also discusses the current economy.

  • Will remain accommodative, tools will change: Fed's Lockhart

    Atlanta Federal Reserve president Dennis Lockhart discusses when the economy may be "prepared" for the Fed to begin tapering its QE policies.

  • Fed's Lockhart: Decision to delay taper has been 'vindicated'

    Atlanta Federal Reserve president Dennis Lockhart thinks Janet Yellen is "extremely well qualified" for Fed Chair, the current state of the economy and how long QE is expected.

  • Next year will be volatile: Pro

    Looking beyond current market conditions, and just how long the "recovery" will take before investors feel confident, with James Paulsen, Wells Capital Management. David Bianco, Deutsche Bank, weighs in.

  • Southern CEO: Potential for economy is so much higher

    Southern Company Chairman and CEO Tom Fanning discusses energy growth and economic trends. "Things are getting better, but not at the rate that we have potential to go," he says.

  • Markets will have a pause: Pro

    Discussing whether a market correction is on its way, with Brian Belski, BMO Capital Markets, and John Ryding, RDQ Economics.

  • Gabelli: Stocks that will double in 5 years

    Discussing a few stock names investors can count on for the long-term to go higher, with Mario Gabelli of Gamco Investors.

  • December taper on the table: Liesman

    CNBC's Steve Liesman discusses the Fed's economic and political forecast. "I don't think the Fed can prove accelerating growth in December," he says.

  • Would own Rolls-Royce: Gabelli on engine industry

    Which engine vendors for Boeing and Airbus have staying power? Mario Gabelli, Gamco Investors, weighs in.

  • There will be a surprise in 2014: Gabelli

    Looking ahead to how a new Fed Chair, the rising middle class in China and India and other economic stories may impact 2014's market, with Mario Gabelli, Gamco Investors.

  • Tomorrow In :30

    What to watch for in tomorrow's trading session, with Michael Chadwick, Chadwick Financial Advisors; Ron Heller, Peritus Asset Management; and Laif Meidell, American Wealth Management.

  • How US economy ranks globally

    Discussing current U.S. economic growth trends, and where GDP may be in 2014, with Jeffrey Saut, Raymond James, and David Woo, BofA Merrill Lynch.

  • Tomorrow In :30

    What to watch for in tomorrow's trading session, with Oliver Pursche, Gary Goldberg Financial Services; Ross Gerber, Gerber Kawaski; and Stephen Wood, Russell Investments.

  • Former Kohl's president: Customer seeks great bargains

    What to expect from this year's holiday shopping season, with former Kohl's president, Jay H. Baker. "The key is to take market share from your competition," he says.

  • Looking ahead to 'Super Saturday'

    The 2 strongest days for jewelry will be "Super Saturday," reports CNBC's Mary Thompson. It's also one of the busiest days for clothing sales during the Christmas rush.

  • Stocks turn positive

    Major indexes hover around record highs. Kate Warne, Edward Jones investment strategist, thinks the economy will see earnings growth continue; while Brad McMillan, Commonwealth Financial Network CIO, thinks the markets will be about 5 percent lower this time next year.

  • NY Fed Pres. Dudley upbeat on growth

    CNBC's Steve Liesman reports New York Fed president Bill Dudley says he sees the fiscal drag easing and economic fundamentals improving. Dudley expects business investment to strengthen in 2014.