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  • SAO PAULO, April 15- Kroton Educacional SA, Brazil's largest for-profit college operator, could buy rivals to expand in the country's north and northeast regions, provided the outlook for federally funded student credit improves and the escalating political crisis eases, Morgan Stanley& Co analysts said on Friday. The question is not if, but "when" a new round of...

  • NEW YORK, April 7- Until last week, high school senior Alex Gomez was missing a key piece in his puzzle-like plan to pay college tuition next year to the University of Colorado. The 18- year-old from Ruidoso, New Mexico had already lined up family savings, financial aid, work study and loans, and then won a $7,500 scholarship from student-loan lender Sallie Mae for...

  • Taxes states

    Some states are better than others at giving their residents returns on their tax dollars. WalletHub.com takes a look

  • Patriotic philanthropy focuses on Lincoln Memorial

    David Rubenstein, The Carlyle Group, discusses his efforts to use the space under the Lincoln Memorial to build an education facility.

  • CEOs speaking out on NC's anti-LGBT law

    Chegg CEO Dan Rosensweig, says he wants to be a voice for his students if he can in regards to the fight against discrimination in business.

  • March 28- On the morning of Saturday, March 5, students gathered at test centers around the United States to take the SAT, the all-important college entrance exam. The day was momentous- not simply for the test-takers but also for the College Board, the not-for-profit that owns the exam. In Asia, test-preparation companies were eager for information.

  • March 28- Xingyuan Ding is a sophomore at the University of California, Los Angeles, one of America's most exclusive public universities. In applying to schools, the 20- year-old from China took the SAT college entrance exam four times. He had an advantage on his final try: a booklet compiled by a Shanghai test-preparation school he attended.

  • SAN FRANCISCO, March 21- More than a year after Uber announced a research pact with Carnegie Mellon University- and then hired away four of the institution's faculty and 36 researchers and technicians- the ride-hailing company and university have not collaborated on a single project, according to CMU faculty and administrators. Herman Herman, director of...

  • People pass a sign for JPMorgan Chase & Co. at it's headquarters in Manhattan.

    JPMorgan is making a big bet on younger Americans that don't have jobs. One of the bank's partners explains the effort to CNBC in an interview.

  • This picture taken on March 1, 2011 students attending the tutorial school Beacon College in Hong Kong.  Cut-throat competition for exam success in Hong Kong's high-pressure education system has spawned a new breed of teacher -- celebrity tutors with near cult-like status and millionaire lifestyles.

    The Hong Kong government has pledged better psychological services for schools after four students committed suicide in just five days.

  • Best School Day's flash funding

    Biz Stone, Twitter co-founder, discusses how business leaders, celebrities and philanthropists are teaming up to support education in their hometowns.

  • Jack Welch: Reinventing the MBA

    Jack Welch shares the mission of the Jack Welch Management Institute. This is where education is going, says Welch. We're got to make education more available and affordable.

  • Jack Welch: 'Pockets of change'

    Jack Welch, Jack Welch Management Institute, weighs in on the state of the U.S. economy. Things are looking up, says Welch. You're getting real strength in housing.

  • *Job generation at centre of reform push. RIYADH, March 9- Saudi Arabia's plans for economic reform foresee winding down' jobs for life' in an inefficient state bureaucracy and replacing them with new careers in a dynamic private sector. For Nezzar, 26, who will finish a master's program in computer systems at a U.S. university in May, the scale of the problem became...

  • WASHINGTON, March 3- President Barack Obama on Thursday said he plans to tap a law professor and a former congressional staffer to serve on the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, the agency that polices the derivatives marketplace. The White House said it plans to nominate Chris Brummer, a law professor at Georgetown University and Brian Quintenz, an...

  • A new life for aging PCs

    Jonathan Hefter, Neverware founder & CEO, explains how his company is able to transform older classroom computers into faster, cloud-ready PCs.

  • Nettia Caldwell, pictured with her son Jonathan, said that she would be forced to stop working and studying if universal pre-K didn’t exist.

    It turns out universal preschool has had major financial implications for working parents.

  • Can robots do your job?

    Alec Ross, author, shares insight to industries of the future and takes a look at key technologies shaping the landscape of the workplace. Also Ross weighs in on Apple's privacy protection position.

  • SHANGHAI, Feb 18- China will give greater financial rewards to innovative academics and small research bodies in a drive to convert interesting scientific ideas into commercial realities and rev up its high-tech industries as wider economic growth stalls. China's State Council said research bodies and university units who transferred their work to...

  • Students at Jing'an Education College Affiliated School in Shanghai.

    Worried that a shortage of male teachers is feminizing boys, Chinese educators are reinforcing traditional gender roles and values, the NYT reports.