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  • NEW YORK, Feb 19- The U.S. government on Friday proposed raising payments by 1.35 percent on average next year to the health insurers who offer Medicare Advantage health benefits to elderly and disabled Americans. Payments to insurers will vary under the 2017 Medicare Advantage proposal, based on the region the plans are sold and on the size of bonus payments...

  • City Hall in Philadelphia

    It has been branded one of the worst-funded pension funds in the U.S. The Financial Times reports.

  • Doctor with medical chart

    Millennials are the biggest fans of high-deductible plans but put the least amount of money into health-savings accounts.

  • *Suicide rate in City of London higher than other boroughs. LONDON, Feb 14- Dwindling job security, heavier workloads, regulatory upheaval and the poor public image of the banking sector are taking a toll on the mental health of Britain's bank workers. Those who still have a job are vilified, "said Jagdev Kenth, director of risk and regulatory strategy in the...

  • The benefits platform the gig economy is using

    Insurance broker Stride Health is partnering with major start-ups from Uber to Etsy.

  • CHICAGO, Feb 4- The gender pay gap is a hot topic in the presidential campaign, and President Barack Obama has been hammering on it, too. Women who work full-time, year-round, made just 79 cents for every dollar paid to their male counterparts in 2014, U.S. Census Bureau data shows. The income gap translates directly to lower income from Social Security and pensions-...

  • Pay hikes rising despite flat sales

    The National Association for Business Economics released its quarterly survey results on Monday.

  • BUDAPEST, Jan 7- Hungary's prime minister said on Thursday he believed central European countries could reach a deal on Britain's demand to curb benefits for migrant workers from EU countries in a bid to persuade Britons to stay in the European Union. Viktor Orban told a joint news conference after talks with visiting British Prime Minister David Cameron they...

  • A new year, a new you!

    This is the year that you’ve decided you will retire! Here are three moves to make now before you leave your job.

  • 2015 was the year of the raise

    2015 was a big year for higher minimum pay, and wage advocates want to see more wage gains in 2016.

  • U.S. workers to taking off this week

    Only 59 percent of workers are to work part of the last week of 2015.

  • U.S. wages increase during November

    November marks the eighth continous increase in U.S. wages

  • More strikes at Amazon warehouses

    Workers at German warehouses are on a new strike as part of a long-running dispute over pay and conditions.

  • Dec 17- Colt Defense LLC expects to complete its restructuring and emerge from bankruptcy in the coming weeks, the gunmaker said in a joint statement with the United Auto Workers union on Thursday. The gun manufacturer, owned by private equity firm Sciens Capital Management, will emerge from bankruptcy at a time of both rising sales and increasing pressure for...

  • The holidays are meant to be fun, but research shows December is the most stressful month for workers and reduces productivity.

  • 50% of workers dread the office Xmas party

    Debra Corey, director of Reward Gateway, explains why some employees will do anything to avoid the annual Christmas party.

  • CHICAGO, Nov 19- Congress pounded one more nail in the coffin of traditional pensions earlier this month- and it did not have to happen. Adding insult to injury, Congress did not increase funding for multi-employer pension funds- even though it is in much worse financial shape than PBGC's single-employer program; multi-employer premiums are not counted as...

  • Putting your RMD to work

    Is your 70th birthday coming up? If you’re getting ready to take your “required minimum distribution” here’s what you need to know.

  • Iceland tops gender equality list: WEF report

    According to findings from the World Economic Forum, women are only now earning what men earned almost ten year ago. Saadia Zahidi, Head of Employment & Gender Initiatives at the World Economic Forum, provides insight to which countries are winning the war on narrowing the gender gap.

  • Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Thursday proposed a $30 billion plan to help displaced workers in coal-producing areas find new jobs and continue receiving health benefits as the country shifts to using renewable energy and more natural gas. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, her chief rival for the Democratic nomination, has tacked...