Leadership Entrepreneurs

  • This “outgoing” and “eccentric” entrepreneur from Shreveport, LA is the CEO of ANECA Federal Credit Union. Armed with an upbeat, outsized personality, Sievers believes her commitment to sponsoring startups falls neatly in line with Marcus’ mission. But can Sievers leverage her brashness to become the perfect partner for Marcus?

  • Reed considers herself an odd duck “Partner” candidate. This non-profit program manager from Santa Monica, CA, doesn’t boast any b-school cred. Can her “well-rounded resume and … set of skills” land Reed a spot as Marcus’ partner?

  • This self-styled “black, curvy, [and] fabulous Marcus Lemonis-in-the-making” hails from Atlanta, GA and is known most prominently as “Buffie the Tax Heiress,” as her flamboyant chain of tax practices is called. Does she have what it takes to become Marcus Lemonis’ right-hand person?

  • There’s nothing sweet about this Californian’s approach to business. The former lawyer and current co-owner of CandyWarehouse.com wears many hats during her typical work day and is no stranger to juggling tasks. But can she parlay that aptitude for multitasking into a role as Marcus’ partner?

  • Originally from Mexico, this Atlanta, GA-based entrepreneur has his eye fixed squarely on the booming latino market. As the founder and managing director of a sports entertainment agency, Martinez hopes to take his marketing savvy and bolster Marcus’ portfolio and investments in the latino market. Will Marcus see the untapped partner appeal in Martinez?

  • A self-described workaholic with a dedication to working 24/7, this New Yorker struck out on his own and started his first business in 2008. He’s since gone on to grow his boutique marketing firm with wide-ranging clients including the likes of IBM, American Airlines and UBS to name a few. Can Graves’ “approach to business” earn him the top spot in Marcus’ empire?

  • This twenty-something from Seattle-WA specializes in businesses aimed at helping clients unwind. As the owner of successful hookah lounges and Float isolation tank centers throughout Washington State, Cobb’s no stranger to doling out operational advice to would-be small business owners. With his focus on community outreach, will Marcus see Cobb as a kindred spirit?

  • As the founder and CEO of two mobile-focused companies, this Texan not only has an eye for growth sectors, she’s also savvy enough to talk code, balance the books and market her products. Will she stand alongside Marcus and not be just “an employee on a roster”?

  • At just 34 years old, this entrepreneur from San Diego, CA is the owner and managing director of Brighthaus, a digital marketing agency that counts big-name clients like Warner Brothers, Paramount, RayBan, among others. Will becoming Marcus’ partner provide him with some much-needed validation?

  • Brewer, a former U.S. Marine, had his entrepreneurial epiphany while on duty in Iraq. He returned to the states and immediately got his hands dirty operating a major restaurant franchise in Chicago and quickly moved on to opening up his own restaurant, Soupremacy. Will his “passion for helping small business owners” be his greatest asset in the race to become Marcus’ partner?

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