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  • Binishells Reinvents the Roof Over Your Head Monday, 1 Apr 2013 | 12:00 AM ET
    Binishells Reinvents the Roof Over Your Head

    CEO and President Nicolo Bini delivers his 60 second Power Pitch. Does Binishells' technology have what it takes to top the green housing market?

  • Etch A Sketch's Incredible Toy Legacy — And Burden Thursday, 28 Mar 2013 | 4:55 PM ET
    Ohio Art Company Chairman Bill Killgallon demonstrates the original Etch A Sketch prototype created by the late French inventor Andre Cassagnes during the late 1950s.

    The toy's inventor passed away in January, leaving behind an enormous legacy. The 100-employee company is now fighting to translate the iconic toy for a digital generation.

  • Next Crisis? Small Businesses Threaten Italy, Spain Thursday, 28 Mar 2013 | 2:57 AM ET
    Laura Massey smiles as she talks to a customer at Beetz Me in Princeton, Illinois.

    Small companies struggling to repay loans in Italy and Spain signal bigger problems on the horizon for the euro zone after the dust has settled on Cyprus's last-ditch bailout.

  • Picture Perfect? Cortica Tackles Photo Recognition Tuesday, 26 Mar 2013 | 4:18 PM ET

    The startup Cortica is tackling the world of digital photography with technology that it said will give computers the ability to see and understand what is captured in the images.

  • Minimum-Wage Hike? Why Main Street Hates It...A Lot Tuesday, 26 Mar 2013 | 1:37 PM ET

    The battle over a minimum-wage increase has begun, and small employers on both sides have entered the debate.

  • Bonobos: E-Fashioned and Tailored For Shipping Tuesday, 26 Mar 2013 | 11:51 AM ET
    Bonobos: E-Fashioned and Tailored For Shipping

    Andy Dunn, Bonobos co-founder & CEO, explains how his "bagless" shopping experience could become a model for the way customers shop in the future.

  • Internet Sales Tax Needs to Be Fair: Tech CEO Monday, 25 Mar 2013 | 1:44 PM ET

    As legislators consider standardizing the collection of Internet sales tax, the debate on what's fair for online retailers and small businesses is heating up. Chegg's CEO weighs in.

  • Yahoo to Acquire Summly Monday, 25 Mar 2013 | 11:54 AM ET
    Yahoo to Acquire Summly

    CNBC's Jon Fortt reports how a young 17-year old entrepreneur was able to convince Yahoo to buy his startup company for reportedly just under $30 million. Summly has an app that summarizes news feeds for users.

  • NewsCred: Monetizing News Content Monday, 25 Mar 2013 | 11:53 AM ET
    NewsCred: Monetizing News Content

    Shafqat Islam, Co-Founder, CEO of NewsCred, explains how his startup business has been able to convince major brand companies they need to pay for the news.

  • Actor Turned Grocer Focuses on the Big Easy Thursday, 21 Mar 2013 | 12:43 PM ET
    Actor and entrepreneur, Wendell Pierce

    Actor slash entrepreneur Wendell Pierce is opening Sterling Farms, grocery stores with fresh produce in Katrina-struck New Orleans.

  • 6 Key Areas of Legislation to Hit Main Street Thursday, 21 Mar 2013 | 10:09 AM ET

    A rundown of proposals, from tax deductions to the minimum-wage fight, that would impact small businesses.

  • Business Opportunities in the Big Easy Thursday, 21 Mar 2013 | 8:40 AM ET
    Business Opportunities in the Big Easy

    Wendell Pierce, Sterling Farms co-owner; and Troy Henry, Henry Consulting, discuss how their full-service grocery service found fertile ground in an emerging market in New Orleans.

  • Entrepreneurs Capitalizing on Legalization of Marijuana Thursday, 21 Mar 2013 | 6:23 AM ET
    Entrepreneurs Capitalizing on Legalization of Marijuana

    Roger Parloff, Fortune senior editor, says businesses are sprouting in states like Colorado and Washington, where selling cannabis is now legal.

  • Nextdoor: Putting Neighborhoods on the Digital Map Tuesday, 19 Mar 2013 | 12:25 PM ET

    Entrepreneur Nirav Tolia wants to leverage the power of technology to build happier, safer neighborhoods with his latest startup, Nextdoor.

  • Questioning the TOMS Shoes Model for Social Enterprise Tuesday, 19 Mar 2013 | 10:33 AM ET
    TOMS Shoes founder Blake Mycoskie.

    A look at Toms Shoes that's trying to change the way people shop. Is the buy-one, give-one model the best choice for aspiring, social entrepreneurs?

  • App Annie's Top App Downloads Tuesday, 19 Mar 2013 | 8:49 AM ET
    App Annie's Top App Downloads

    Nicolas Beraudo, App Annie, reveals where to find the hottest next generation apps.

  • Want to Simplify the Way You Bank? There's an App For That

    Josh Reich, Simple CEO and co-founder, explains how his company makes banking easier for customers.

  • HBO's 'Entourage' on the Big Screen Monday, 18 Mar 2013 | 6:50 AM ET
    HBO's 'Entourage' on the Big Screen

    Doug Ellin, "Entourage" creator, discusses Warner Brothers' decision to make a movie of his successful television series; and provides an inside look at the business of Hollywood.

  • What's Impressive About Juice Press? Monday, 18 Mar 2013 | 6:20 AM ET
    What's Impressive About Juice Press?

    Kenny Dichter, Juice Press chairman, explains why he thinks his new beverage business has the potential to become a billion dollar business.

  • NYC Tech Boom: Not Just Mini Silicon Valley East Saturday, 16 Mar 2013 | 2:26 PM ET

    West Coast, best coast? Not so, says the thriving New York City startup scene. During the past decade, the Big Apple has emerged as a top tech center for new companies and a hotbed for angel and venture capital funding.

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