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  • We’re Not Looking for Rosneft Deal…Yet: Lukoil

    Benchmark oil prices will likely gain this week after data showed the U.S. housing market recovery is accelerating and China’s economy displayed  signs of stabilizing after its worst slump since the global financial crisis, according to CNBC’s latest survey of oil market sentiment.

  • A Rogue Climate Experiment Outrages Scientists

    A California businessman chartered a fishing boat in July, loaded it with 100 tons of iron dust and cruised through Pacific waters off western Canada, spewing his cargo into the sea in an ecological experiment that has outraged scientists and government officials, The New York Times reports.

  • Tamminen: The New Politics May Be Hazardous to Your Health

    There are many approaches to sustainability challenges, so an robust debate about how to reduce pollution and make the country more energy self-sufficient is indispensable, but there can’t be a fair hearing of these choices when one side is allowed to shout while the other can only whisper.

  • Mideast Crisis May Trump Macro Risks in Oil Market 'Tug of War'

    Benchmark oil prices will likely gain this week as continued turmoil in the Middle East outweighs global growth concerns, CNBC's latest survey of oil market sentiment showed.

  • Pros: Corn Pop to Continue

    Corn surges 4 percent on the USDA crop report. Should investors buy the corn pop, with Chip Flory, Pro Farmer Newsletter, CNBC's Jackie DeAngelis and the Futures Now Traders.

  • A fruit grower carries a bucket of freshly harvested strawberries on a farm in Gouso.

    India, a major player in global agriculture, has struggled to attract foreign investment. But that may change.

  • A fruit grower carries a bucket of freshly harvested strawberries on a farm in Gouso.

    India, a major player in global agriculture, has struggled to attract foreign investment. But that may change.

  • Crowd of spectators

    By 2100, some 10 million people will inhabit the earth, according to the United Nations.  When that happens will we encounter an “unprecedented planetary emergency” or can engineering, technology and the human spirit rise to the challenges posed by 10 billion people on earth?

  • oil-pump-jacks-2_200.jpg

    Oil prices recorded their best quarterly performance of the year in the third quarter, but opinion is roughly split over whether the stimulus-led rally will continue in the final three months of 2012, according to CNBC's latest oil survey.

  • denmark-amager-copenhagen-200.jpg

    At a time when the world's attention is nervously focused on the European economy, there is a bright spot worth noting, and it can be found in Denmark.

  • An Angolan woman shops in a market in Cabinda.

    Zimbabwe's controversial indigenization policy, which requires foreign firms to transfer 51 percent of the assets they hold in Zimbabwe to local companies, should not be a concern for foreign investors because the government will be flexible in implementing the measure, the country's Minister of Economic Planning and Investment Promotion said on Wednesday.

  • oil-pump-4_200.jpg

    Oil prices may climb this week, boosted by continued tensions in the Middle East, while the stimulus measures announced by major global central banks will limit any short term correction caused by downbeat data, CNBC's weekly oil sentiment survey showed.

  • An oil refining facility.

    Crude oil's biggest drop in two month's this week signals investors are deeply skeptical about whether recent stimulus efforts by global central banks – including last week's announcement by the U.S. Federal Reserve of a third round of quantitative easing – will have a meaningful impact on restoring growth, analysts and traders told CNBC.

  • A forest burns during a backburn operation to fight the Wallow Firen in Nutrioso, Arizona.

    Your best business plans can go up in smoke if you're not planning now for the 'worst case scenario,' says this blogger.

  • City skyline and modern construction, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

    We're not talking about the Persian Gulf. It's the South China Sea where China and Vietnam are on a collision course that could result in higher commodity prices and far worse.

  • oil-pump-jacks-2_200.jpg

    Oil prices are likely to extend a stimulus-led rally this week, while fears that turmoil in the Middle East will disrupt oil supplies are also bullish for energy markets, CNBC's weekly survey of oil market sentiment shows.

  • An underdeveloped ear of corn lays amongst corn plants damaged by extreme heat and drought conditions in a field in Carmi, Illinois.

    The latest numbers from the USDA firm up the outlook for this year's corn crop, and the final numbers may not be as bad as some feared.

  • Boone T. Pickens

    The U.S. has the natural resources to one day stop importing OPEC crude oil, Boone Pickens, founder of BP Capital, told CNBC’s "Street Signs" on Monday.

  • oil_pump_2_200.jpg

    Benchmark oil prices will likely gain this week after poor U.S. jobs numbers increased the likelihood of the Federal Reserve announcing additional stimulus at their policy-setting meeting this week. Weekend data which showed China’s factories running at their weakest pace in 39 months are also positive for crude prices as they raise the possibility of further monetary easing by Beijing.

  • Coal Plant

    Much progress has been made to cut pollution, but the list of most polluted states  is likely to contain the usual suspects next year and fewer improvements.