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  • Mario Gabelli's Market Outlook

    There are strong areas of opportunity to invest in now, says Mario Gabelli, GAMCO Investors, Inc. chairman/CEO/CIO, who shares his strategies to make money.

  • Green - Winner & Losers - A CNBC Special Report

    Federal, state, and even local government policies have had a huge impact on the research and development of alternative fuels, but  a clear rival to fossil fuels has yet to emerge in the marketplace. Take our poll on which energy source you think will succeed over the next decade.

  • An Aerotecture turbine near Chicago.

    To mark our annual November "Green Is Universal" week, we've assembled a "Green Winners & Losers 2011" special report, looking at six  industries whose fortunes either rose or fell this year.

  • ethanol_corn_gas_can_200.jpg

    The industry has had a profitable year despite the jump in corn prices , but overcapacity and the end of a generous government subsidy are major concerns.

  • nuclear power station

    The crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plants in Japan last March put the brakes on the industry's revival, dimming prospects for the immediate future.

  • Solar plant

    Investors in the solar industry have needed a strong stomach this year, and that’s unlikely to change soon.

  • PG&E employee installing a smart meter in California.

    In the current economic climate of corporate thrift, the booming market for technologies to use less energy continues to attract more investor capital.

  • GM Spark 2012

    Although sales of some models have missed expectations, electric vehicles, EV, are a greentech success story just by showing up in significant numbers in 2011.

  • forklift_scrapyard_200.jpg

    The industry is  at a unique point in history, where  economic growth overseas, high energy costs, demand for commodities  and better recovery technologies have converged to swell revenue.

  • Chevy Volt

    Federal officials are examining the safety of electric car batteries after a Chevy Volt's lithium-ion battery caught fire.

  • oil_pump_2_200.jpg

    The Obama administration said plans to build a 1,700-mile oil pipeline from Canada to Texas were on hold to study how environmentally sensitive areas could be avoided.

  • A hydraulic fracturing site

    At an oil industry conference last week in Houston, one presenter said the “fracking” industry faced an “insurgency.” Another said his company has several former military psychological operations, or “psy ops” specialists, on staff.

  • In spite of the Thai government's warning that the world's largest exporter of rice could lose as much as a quarter of its crop because of the floods, analysts tell CNBC the potential shortfall is unlikely to impact prices.

  • Storm Impact on Retail Sales

    Millions are still without power in the Northeast following Saturday's snowstorm. Insight on how businesses and retailers are impacted and some predictions on retail sales, with Paul Walsh, Weather Channel vice president, weather analytics.

  • Surprise Snowstorm Damage

    The Weather Channel's Jim Cantore has the details on the down trees and power lines have impacted power for residents.

  • Australian CEOs said they weren't worried about a major slowdown in China on the sidelines of the Commonwealth Business Forum in Perth.

    Australian CEOs at the Commonwealth Business Forum in Perth sounded a decidedly upbeat note about the future of trade with China despite looming uncertainty about the global economic picture as Europe grapples with its sovereign debt crisis.

  • Colin Barnett, premier of Western Australia, speaks during a conference.

    Australia is alienating its biggest export customer, China, Colin Barnett, the Premier of the state of Western Australia (WA) told CNBC on Wednesday.

  • A Bangkok suburb is flooded October 25, 2011 in Bangkok, Thailand.

    Thailand announced a five-day holiday on Tuesday to give people the chance to escape floods closing in on Bangkok as the prime minister warned that the capital could face an inundation of 1.5 metres (nearly five feet) of water if barriers collapsed.

  • Bob Dudley, the Executive Director of BP, arrives at their headquarters in St James's Square on July 26, 2010 in London, England.

    BP, the oil giant, has reached an "operational turning point" after the Gulf of Mexico disaster, chief executive Bob Dudley told CNBC Tuesday.

  • BP sign

    Oil giant BP reported lower underlying third quarter profits on Tuesday, despite high oil prices, as production fell because of selloffs in the wake of the disastrous Gulf of Mexico oil spill.